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People who use SSI just for an extra income from the government,
I have seen so much in the last 5 years of moving to Peoria, Illinois that almost blows me right out of my seat. I have meet so many people through other people and i am one to just sit back and observe and take everything in. Well i think i have taken enough in to say, I have had enough. I worked myself hard for everything i do own and have, i put my children through school who i will say i am very proud of them. But everything that child does or accomplishes is because of the up bringing of the parent. Well my story begins with a thing called SSI which means "Supplemental Security Income"
I have meet more people then i really want to say because its so sad that the government them selfs are letting this happen, These people get checks over $600.00 a month for nothing, they are fine in my eyes, because they work, yes i said work and on top of all this they all make money under the table, i just don`t believe this is fair, i believe this is not a fair government, i believe everyone that is on this should be watched investigated because if this would happen i believe the money they say, "The government" we would not be losing so much. Stop given to people who come to you and act like they have no brains because believe me they have brains and some i have met have better brains then the government!! What is sad these people i have met wow!! are young and strong and can work. Don`t get me their is lot of people out their that do really need this and it does help them but remember their could be one nexit door to you or across the street from you that you see go to work every day and they get that monthly check, just because they can they smart like that.I am asked lot from friends and family do you support the current Social Security plan, well what i see know, 'No way' why should i support something that will not be their for me or even my children in time to come, because it will be used up from the people who take only care in them selfs and no one else and use what they can! You ever notice the 1st of the month how you see people in the liquor stores buying cases of beer or just it could be the hard stuff well 70% of them people are the ones on SSI i see this, i am a great observer i watch what the eyes are blind to see. I honestly believe if we all come together we can stop this, people need to be investigated more, just do not give them SSI and walk away these people are young strong and are working and collecting what rightfully is not theirs they have not paid in they have not worked as long as i have and not even hardly put a dime in! So my story here is investigate get, write things down see with your eyes because it could be right close to you. Please remember this is not all the people i have met but believe me if i had 100 in my hand it would be 85% "thats bad in my eyes what do you think"?
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/1607980-SSI-The-truth-Be-known