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by Godot
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Namine is hungry, and I'm sure you know what happens next.
*A brief note before I begin. I don't often write vore, barely ever actually. I avoid it because I'm not necessarily into absolutely everything within the vore fetish. However, this is a sort giving back to those who wanted some vore. Then again, I doubt too many people play Kingdom Hearts, so it's very low-scale. I don't really know if anyone likes what I do in the vore genre, and I may go beyond that. Here comes the story...

Not for the first time in his life, Sora felt helpless. He was in that room - the room that Namine was always in, sketching away. This wouldn't worry him normally, but he was not in a normal position. He stared up at the gigantic chair she regularly sat in; Sora was tiny. Worse still, he felt tiny vibrations in the ground, meaning that someone was moving. Hopefully, thought Sora, not to him. He wondered where Goofy and Donald were, he hadn't seen them for a while. In truth, the whole thing felt like a dream, but we aren't going to end it that way are we? There's two bad things to do in creative writing - bad sex and "it was only a dream." No, this is a fanfiction or sorts, ergo I may do whatever I please, so long as it does not include: "Now Riikeu don di!!" Catch me? Good, here comes the rest of the story.

Namine walked endlessly through the halls of Castle Oblivion. She was just on her way back to her room, but felt a hole in her stomach. At first, for the longest time, she'd thought it to be her missing heart. She was Kairi's nobody after all. However, as the pangs in her heart grew, she realized it was something else - hunger. Namine patted her belly, which made a light rumble. She hadn't eaten in...Well, she couldn't remember when. "Ah, I need some food! Maybe some nice chocolate, or..." She entered the room, softly fantasizing of delicious foods. She took her seat, sitting at the chair, still thinking of what to eat. Far below, Sora could finally get help.

Sora saw the massive flip-flops, and moved closer. Namine was kind, she'd help Sora for sure. He caught a hint of odor, perhaps because Namine walked so much. This is not the central point of the story however, so no feet for you, reader. He took the smell in stride, and climbed up on her sandal. He attempted to tickle in between her toes, he made sure he got between them so she would feel him. Sure enough, Namine looked down. "Sora! Is that you? Oh my gosh, you're so tiny!" She put her hand to her mouth and giggled. Sora's little temper, though flaring in mockery, flared nonetheless. "Hey, don't call me tiny! I need help!" Namine removed her hand from her mouth, flashing a flawless and brilliant smile. "Oh, the big boy needs help? I'd say that makes you tiny!" She laughed, futher displaying her perfectly white teeth. "Actually Sora, you're so cute it's unbearable. I could eat you up with a spoon!" Sora blushed, "Uh, I hope you're kidding about that." Namine was instantly reminded of her hunger. "Oh, who says I am?" She reached down, and plucked up little Sora by the shirt. She held the boy between her fingers, and eyed him seductively; he trembled under her glare, her beautiful smile, and the fact that he was three inches from her face. Licking her lips, her voice matched her gaze, "Mmm, maybe I won't need the spoon after all...

Sora was a bit scared now, "Okay Namine, enough kidding around, you can help me now, right? We're friends aren't we?" Namine nodded, "Of course Sora," even her breath was fresh, "but don't you want to help me too?" Sora nodded vigourously, "Sure, anything! What do you need?" Namine giggled again, "Well, there's this void in my stomach." Sora looked concerned, "Well, not to be rude, but you're a nobody. That void's probably your missing heart." Namine nodded momentarily at the truth of his statement, but began to shake her head, "No Sora, this is a different void, sort of like an unfilled hole." Sora looked confused, still being held like a morsel from a dinner plate. "What do you mean?" Namine smiled again, "Sora, I want you in my tummy..." Sora's eyes opened wide, "What? No! I'm not food Namine! I'm a person too!" Namine seemed indifferent, "Well it's not as though you can actually stop me; better that you let me eat you. Don't worry, I won't use teeth."

Namine began to strip Sora's little clothes (Oh shit! Here comes the inappropriate bit!), and though he tried to cover up, Namine peeked to embarass him. "Hee-hee! Nice parts, little boy! Sora yelled up, "I'm like fifteen years old! Seriously, this should be censored!" Namine tapped his ass with her finger, "Don't be a bad boy Sora, you don't want me to hurt you before I eat you, right? Then again, I do like to play with my food." Sora lost it, "You can't eat me Namine! Don't you know me? It's SORA, not some bug you can crush under your foot! I have a life!" Namine shook her head, "And it belongs to me, because I am now your owner. You are an object, a pet, food really. So sit back, squirm, do whatever you like, I'm eating you now."

Sora's mind raced, hitting mulitple bumps along the way. Namine had started to rub his penis with her thumb, and his erection wouldn't stop. She held her head in her free hand, admiring his little body, thinking of every way to eat him. A fork? A knife? A spoon? A bowl, plate or cup? She could eat him like a tiny pork chop, or drink him down in an icy glass of water. She imagined herself placing him in a glass goblet, watching him tread water as she placed her luscious lips to the rim. She imagined tilting the cup forward, watching Sora try to swim in vain, trying to save his puny and insignificant life. She thought of laying him on a plate, and stuffing his mouth with an equally tiny apple. She thought of picking him up with a fork, not stabbing of course, and placing him upon her tongue. She thought, with sudden cruelty, of grinding him between her teeth, and swallowing the chewed remains. But this would not suit, none of it would. She wanted a simple and clean snack, and she'd do that without equipment.

"Alright Sora, are you ready?" Sora squirmed harder and harder, unable to break her grasp. "No Namine! You can't do this to me! Please..." Sora became weak. "I don't want to be eaten, please..." Namine tapped her foot, "I'm sorry, but sparing you is a waste of time. The hunger is growing, and I need to satiate it. It's a foregone conclusion that you will become my food, so accept it!" She squeezed him a little, forcing the air from his lungs. He breathed heavily, "...I give up." Namine cocked an eyebrow, "Really? You're giving up?" Sora, in truth, was hoping that this was some sort of sick test. That, or Namine would lose interest if he conceded defeat. As it turns out, Sora was wrong. "Okay Sora, this'll be the most fun you've ever had." Sora was petrified.

Namine licked her lips, those soft, euphoraic lips. They were a very light pink, coated lightly with saliva. Sora was moved close, and pressed gently against Namine's lips. She kissed him numerous times, savouring his flavour. Her kisses were affectionate, soft, and almost loving. The first and last were impossible - Namine was a nobody. Sora couldn't help but find himself turned on by Namine - who could resist those kisses? Namine seemed to sense this, and she gave him a very passionate kiss, "Ohh, you like this don't you? Okay Sora, how about this?" She extended her tongue, and licked Sora from under his privates, up to his face. Sora felt the saliva coat him, and tried to spit out what he could. But Namine's licks came stronger, wetter, and moved him even closer to her mouth. The powerful muscle overwhelmed him, and he could only remain immobile, taking the licks in stride. Namine paid special attention to his penis, licking around, and occasionally sucking on it. Sora could no longer resist the turn on, and stopped fighting - it felt too good. Namine, however, was simply biding her time. Now was a good time, she thought; best not to get too attached to your food.

Sora felt the licking stop. He rubbed the saliva from his eyes, and stared into the gaping jaws of death. Namine's mouth was opened wide, still picture perfect, and he was being lowered into it! Her tongue anyway, he found himself placed on the soft, bumpy muscle, and felt the tongue begin to slide into her mouth. "No Namine! Don't do it!" But Namine was past caring. With Sora resting on her tongue, her mouth was closed, plunging Sora into a fleshy dungeon. Sora banged on the tongue with his fist, but his tiny punches did nothing. He screamed and shouted, but Namine couldn't hear him. The whole time Sora was panicking, Namine was doing it on purpose.

The tongue shifted, slamming Sora into her cheek. She pressed him into the stretchy wall, and rubbed him up and down. The tongue moved again, bringing Sora up to the harder roof of her mouth. Now, the tongue slipped out from under him and he fell, Namine's tongue crested over him like a tidal wave. He was rolled and pressured under the smooth, soft tongue underside. Namine giggled, and Sora heard the deep rumbling from her throat. "Oh man, she actually thinks this is funny! Namine, let me OUT!" If she heard, she was ignoring him. Sora felt saliva welling up around him, Namine began to suck on his tiny body. The intense pressure was both massaging, and lightly painful. But as soon as it began, he was tossed through the mouth once more. This time, the landing bruised. He was tossed directly onto a row of her teeth; he was perfectly seated along her molars. He heard an even deeper sound than before from her throat, "I could crush you right now Sora, that's how worthless you are. You don't even taste that good, Keyblade Master, or culinary disaster?" Her upper jaw began to descend. Sora closed his eyes, cringing in fear. He felt himself being pressed between two hard rows of teeth, until he thought for sure that he would be crushed. He wondered when the grinding would come, but it seemed that Namine had spared him. Her tongue scooped him up, he was covered in a wave of saliva, and he was finally projected out of her mouth. Namine spit the pathetic Sora into her hand, flashing a mischeivous smile.

Sora was laying face down in her hand, coughing up spit. "Ugh, that's disgusting Namine..." She didn't seem to hear, "Don't think this means you're spared, I was just toying with you. Now, I think, is the perfect time to finish you off." Sora had essentially lost the will to fight, but was left bitter. "How can you do this..?" She only shook her head sadly, "Because I don't have a heart, I could care less about your puny existence." And with that, he was hoisted into the air, and placed before her lips. He felt himself sliding feet-first between the lovely lips of the goddess. Namine slid him in further, until only his upper body remained. He found some final strength, some last will, and tried to pull himself out, "No, no Namine, I'm begging you, stop this!" But it was too late for him, "I take back what I said earlier, you're going to taste sooo good...Ahh" She opened her mouth fully, letting the rest of Sora fall onto her tongue - a tongue that appeared as a slide down her throat. He flipped over, trying to grab the tongue before he was whisked away to darkness, but couldn't catch a hold. "Nooo! Namine!" And those were the last words he spoke. Namine's mouth closed, shutting out all light and hope for escape. Sora looked down into inevitable darkness on the verge of tears. Namine felt her food reach her throat, and she swallowed ever so lightly. A visible bump traveled down her throat, sliding smoothly to her stomach. Namine tilted her head back, she felt much, much better.

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