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A column about a personal pet hate of mine I hope I can make you chuckle.
A Weighty Issue

We've all seen the shocking dietary programmes, and we all recoil in horror as we see disgustingly obese people take to the scales and GAWP in shock at the reading of their starting weight. It makes me feel sick. Then we look in these magazines and see these so called 'beautiful' celebrities. It amazes me that we are now counting ribs as an exterior body feature. It's as if there are only two extremes and less and less people are falling into the middle ground.

         I'm not blaming America completely for this, but the more our cultures collide the more we seem to obsess about our weight and looks. So when liposuction becomes just as popular as Weight Watchers, RUN TO THE HILLS.

         I'm not saying I'm perfect either, I'm far from being a healthy weight or an ideal role model, but I think my attitude to weight is better than most peoples. Seeing Angelina Jolie and Victoria Beckham starve theirselves, should be against their own human rights. I just want to give them a sunday dinner and large slice of cake,to feed them up a bit. Either that or they could help chupa chups do an advertisement as the walking lollipops. As people being in the public eye with young impressionable fans, they really should know better, especially as parents.

         Then you get the other extreme. The 'super fatties' who are a force of nature all by theirselves. Having to be airlifted to hospital because they can't walk is not natural on any level. It's greed in motion. When I see horror stories like this, I just want scream 'PUT THE KFC DOWN'.

         I just can't imagine being super skinny or too fat to walk, it is laughably ridiculous. And the media use the 'fatties' to drive people to the other extreme. Young children are bound to get confused by McDonald's adverts then the front page of Grazia magazine displaying Victoria. So stop judging yourself, other people, and the size tag in your clothes. It's just a NUMBER. As long as you feel great what should it matter? Shun the weight culture and join me in my fight to just be myself. Not worrying about my weight. It's not major. If you want something to worry about, have children. You are who you are. DEAL WITH IT! So would you rather be thin or healthy?
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