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The Alpha Man......+
        Kellog Brown and Root were awarded, by President George Bush,
        a $5billion dollar contract for 10 years in Iraq.
        KBR is a subsidiary of Halliburton. Dick Cheney is the chief
        executive officer of Halliburton.
        War is a billion dollar business for Halliburton and KBR.
        For a $2billion dollar contract KBR will recieve a margin of $60million.
        There is no exit plan from Iraq. It is a gold mine of goverment contracts.
        KBR is litterally mining gold out of Iraq.
        Halliburton has not rebuilt key nodes of Iraq's oil infastructure.
        Why should they? If the reconstruction is completed, then goverment
        contracts will stop.
        Dispite all the UStax dollars spent on rebuilding Iraq, there are no jobs
        for Iraqis; unemployment is at 70 percent.
        If Iraqis were employed, perhaps there would be less social unrest
        between Sunni and Shi'ite tribes.
        The body count continues to rise, as Iran threatens to reclaim territories
        taken by Saddam Hussien. Saddam was backed by the U.S. in his war
        on Iran. It is in these territories that KBR is mining gold.
        Russia is supplying Iran with nuclear materials.
        It doesn't take a Prophet to see where this is leading.

        I vote for Dick Cheney as the Alpa Male of the eon.
        His life's work will bring end to this age and perhaps
        all life.+

        Pray for peace.

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