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Just how are our ideas concerning the truths of life formed?
The Truth of Life

To he who lives by mortal soul,
I beg, take breath and gain control
of backward thinking – hardened ways;
and untamed viewpoints set ablaze.

Oh how we sink within ourselves;
each in our way, we slowly delve
into a mindset – cast in stone.
No valid effort to atone...

In ancient times they sought to know
more of the world.  What made life grow?
They saw disasters, shocking sights;
all lacking knowledge time invites.

They told our stories – wrote their laws;
in some ways skewed with harmful flaws.
Most tried their best to recount facts;
while others staged suspicious acts.

By their accounting we’ve observed
what history has thus preserved
for generations yet to come;
but not by expert rule of thumb.

Please pause and think and understand
that ancient man could not expand
on what he saw through bygone eyes;
some writings written – thus, surmise.

And now, in present state and mind
with such amazing tools to find;
we still persist to clash and brawl
within perspective facts recalled.

Some principles – by way of terms
imprinted on our souls, infirmed,
are lacking vision – sight to see
technology’s brand new decree.

We say that faith and facts can’t blend;
yet science, faith’s immortal friend
confirms our past – uncovers truth;
and answers questions wrought since youth.

God’s energy fills all that is,
in His dimension – we are His
to be our best at what we do –
to think things out… to work things through.

Each of our cultures builds a shrine
to miracles of The Divine;
as also in each culture sits
a questioning that never quits.

And so, 'tis you I call upon
to shed your doubts – instead be drawn 
to see God’s light within all hearts –
discover answers He imparts.

All cultures have their hidden maps;
technology can fill the gaps.
For in the end, there’s but one scheme –
Allowing truth to reign supreme…

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