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Poem for lost love. Free Verse.
V, a letter and yet also a name.
I shared a kiss with this letter, I shared happiness, I shared pain.
It always felt right, when I held this letter's hand,
but fate it seemed, had other plans.
Distance drove us apart, with our feelings unsaid.
Time was the temper that forged you image in my head.
I left you standing, in the rain,
expecting never to see me again.
I should have been there, when you father died.
I am a coward, I just ran away to hide.
Yet you kept my image, in your head.
A fantasy of a boy who wore dog tags.
I wish I was the boy in your dreams,
maybe he would stay, but that is not me.
Did you know though? I made a wish for you.
That another boy would come, one that would be true to you.
Now I have returned, a blast from the past.
Do not get your hopes up, it cannot last.
I am broken, destroyed, like a shattered dream.
The fine dust that is my heart will blow away, it was not meant to be.
I shared a kiss with a letter, that letter was V.
That kiss is gone now, maybe it was only a dream.
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