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The mansion is the source for horror critiques, sponsorships, and awards!
The Moonlight Mansion

Welcome to theMoonlight Mansion where everything horror is celebrated everyday through contests, promotions, awards, critiques, and novel groups!

Community Sponsoring

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*Idea**Idea**Idea*Weekly Poll*Idea**Idea**Idea*

 Horror or Horror  (E)
This is definetly a poll!
#1609305 by Fish-A cat in the sea

Got a poll you want some answers to, well send me the poll and I'll hook it up as the next weekly poll!

The Coffee House ext.

Special Halloween Items

Latte - Pumpkin Pie---4k

5 poetry reviews
for the genres: Halloween, Horror, Sci-Fi

Latte - Ghostly Creme' Brulee---4k
3 short story reviews
for the genres: Halloween, Horror, Sci-Fi

For regular items check out: "The Coffee House

*Ghost*Trick-O-Treat Machine*Ghost*

Special holiday lotto where you pick your numbers and if any of those numbers are drawn you get a certain amount of Gps.

Here's how it works:

Pick Your Card:

1# = *Dollar*100Gps

2# 's = *Dollar*200Gps

3# 's = *Dollar*350Gps

4# 's = *Dollar*500Gps

5# 's = *Dollar*750Gps

Pick your Number(s):

         7  9  16  21  14  19

         1  4  32  29  26  37

         40  5  25  33  8  13

         39  35  22  17  20  9

Send and Wait:

Send in your numbers to my via e-mail and I will do a random dice roll and if any of your numbers our picked you will et a prize! Also please send in the e-mail how many # 's you want on a card! Thank You!


1# Drawn --- *Dollar*200GPS

2# 's Drawn --- *Dollar*600GPS

3# 's Drawn --- *Dollar*950GPS

4# 's Drawn --- *Dollar*1450GPS

5# 's Drawn --- *Dollar*5000GPS

Donations are welcome and accepted and each person who donates over 1000Gps will get free entrance into Blood Feztival this coming winter.

Only 20 tickets up for grabs right now!

NaNoWriMo Updates

The spot to get all your daily updates on NaNoWriMo!

*Star*1st Place -

*Star*2nd Place -

*Star*3rd Place -

*Star*4th Place -

*Star*5th Place -

The battle begins November 1, 2009

*Pumpkin*Monthly Writing Challenge*Pumpkin*

First off I would like to say that this challenge will flatten, tear, shred, and bite at your brain unlike some things posted on other sites I have been to. The challenge will have many genres involved, but will follow the main genres of: Horror, Thriller, Science Fiction, Etc...


*witch-hat*#1 All entries for the month should be sent to me via WDC e-mail and be in a BITEM LINK:
 Invalid Item 
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# by Not Available.

*witch-hat*#2 Stories should be longer than 500 words and less then 2500; Poems should be no shorter than 5 lines and no more than 25 lines

*witch-hat*#3 All ratings are welcome under 18+

*witch-hat*#4 You can add your own genre to your stories, but try to keep the main beat of your story one of the listed genres

*witch-hat*#5 HAVE FUN!!!


*Clock*Starting Date*Clock* : November 1, 2009

*Clock*Ending Date*Clock* : November 31, 2009

I realize that this month it is going to be a cut in how much time you get since October is already half over, but I mean come on we have to do the month in which Horror originated. So... we will just be doing Halloween poetry with a twist!


*Jackolantern*1st Place : 2500Gps, A Merit Badge, and A Review (Winners Choice)

*Jackolantern*2nd Place : 2000Gps and A Review (Winners Choice)

*Jackolantern*3rd Place : 1500Gps and A Review (Winners Choice)

*Jackolantern*Honorable Mention : 500Gps and A Review (Reviewers Choice)


Write any kind of poem about a group of kids going to a corner shop to buy costumes for their upcoming Halloween party.

P.S. Make the end of the poem twisted as humanly possible if you can stand the gut wrenching feeling of someone behind you about to slit your neck the moment you begin to sweat.

Tips : Describe what kind of costumes, the setting on the way there and once they get there, the clerk at the counter, and people they see along the way.

*Star**Star**Star*COMING SOON*Star**Star**Star*


The special 5-day event of the year for the horror community which features:

Day 1- A deadly raffle with a cauldron full of surprises ranging from gift points --- gift certificates to shops
Day 2- A game of spin-the-wheel see what you land on, A knife through the chest or 10,000Gps
Day 3- Witch's Brew--- An event not to miss---Every year the witch will give out some of her gift points to those who show up extra early to solve her riddles
Day 4- The auction of all auctions featuring a special package you won't want to miss
Day 5- The final day of festivities and the most exciting at that. The Dark Lord will give out 2 awards in 8 categories rewarding the best of the best slashers, assassins, zombies, vampires, werewolves, and stalkers around WDC.

The event of the year you don't want to miss---All other genres are welcome to join in if they would like.

Admittance will be 500 Gps when the time comes so start saving

All donations are welcome!

Writer's Weekly

A group of different classes developed to keep a healthy writing lifestyle. The five introductory classes will have weekly assignments, award distribution, and different workshops to choose from. A totally custom writing class that is designed to work for the people taking it.

English 101 -COMING SOON

Horror 1-5 -COMING SOON

Fantasy 1-3 -COMING SOON

Romance 1-3 -COMING SOON

Poetry 1-7 -COMING SOON

More information will become available once it is established...

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