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A short piece about the metaphor of a snowflake in relation to each and every one of us x
You are unique.  It’s OK.  You were made that way.

Imagine a snowflake.  Beautiful fractal patterns of solidified water crystals intertwined in an ecstatic dance.  Is the snowflake ashamed to be picked up by the child with its brothers and sisters, melded into one in creative play?  Does it exclude itself from the creation, worried that it is too dirty, too unworthy to create a snow angel?  It is unique but it knows that it works best when joined with others of its type, also unique but perfectly melded into an expression that it could only accomplish with it’s brothers and sisters.

Don’t be afraid to be unique.  You are perfect just the way you are.  You can grow with your brothers and sisters and become even more beautiful by allowing yourself to forget your segregation.  Work as one and create a beautiful reality.  You deserve it.  You are beautiful.  You are loved.
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