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A short piece about transformation to the 4th dimension
See a caterpillar swirming, wriggling, on and on upon a leaf. Watch it bounce and bend the leaf and it edges closer and closer to the end. Fearful yet fearless. Onwards it must go, to stop is beyond it's possibilities. Feeding a little each step, transforming what it finds into energy to propel it and grow. Finally it reaches the end, clinging at the edge of it's existence, all the keys to its metamorphosis within itself. Gently, easily, peacefully it lets itself slide down into the warm embrace of evolution wrapping itself in a loving cocoon. It needs no other to transform itself, it has all the keys it needs all on its own. Softly it emerges from it's slumber, full in its new found glory to express itself in ever more beautiful ways. It has finally become a butterfly, ready to spread its wings in the new world, dancing a new dance for no other reason than it's own enjoyment. And in its very doing so it becomes a beacon of light for all others watching as it flutters in its own joy.
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