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by Rick H
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TOP TEN REASONS For being happy today though unemployed and unable to pay bills.
Some times life gets rough, and a person really needs to hunker down and dig deep in order to stay positive. After surviving five company job cuts, I found myself finally fallen victim to the recession. Not able to collect unemployment (independent contractor) and savings non-existent, due to prolonged reduced hours, some mornings appear pretty dismal and bleak.Yet one must dig deep and find reasons to press on with a positive attitude. Here's what I came up with... I figured I better post this while I still have the power on! My hope is that you enjoy this and smile, and find yourself able to dig a little deeper into yourself during these difficult times for your own Top Ten. Oh btw the dog is fine. lol

Top Ten Reasons For Being Happy Today
Though Unemployed and Unable To Pay My Bills

# 10. I'm currently residing indoors... at least until the landlord finds out I'm STILL here...

# 9. It's a beautiful sunny day, so maybe living outside won’t be so bad.

# 8. My dog loves me... Well, off to the oven with him.

# 7. There's food in the fridge, thanks now to the dog…

# 6. My retirement goals don’t carry that immediate pressure they use to.

# 5. I don't have the problems usually associated with the obscenely decadent, stinking, filthy rich.

# 4. Becoming a victim of identity theft could be a real plus.

# 3. Dealing with creditor calls has become simple. The greeting on my answer machine now says, "Hello... Yeah? I know. Pick a number, pal!", then hangs up.

# 2. No matter how often I say, "Just eat me, pal.", They can't. Too bad about that dog though.

AND the Number One Answer for being happy I am unemployed and on the verge of being homeless IS:

All my friends know I'm broke, so they don't come over to borrow money that they'll never repay!

Well I feel better now, how about you?
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