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I make my living, selling boxes made from corrugated paper, used for storing paper files.  You might know them by the generic terms, "archive or banker" boxes.

Since I sell over the telephone, my success demands that I try to make 100 phone calls every day, of which a large percentage are "cold."  This means that I'm calling someone I've never spoken to before, and in the vast majority of cases, the outcome is "less-than-pleasant."  Cold-calling can be a stressful, nerve-wracking, thankless task.  For this reason, in my opinion, successful telephone salespeople are truly the unsung heros of the U.S. economy.

Therefore, I To celebrate those nerve-wracked telemarketers, I'd like to create a new soft drink,  specifically for them, to give that extra-caffeinated zing, to motivate them to pickup the handset, and dial that next number, even though the last person they just called hung up rudely.

This softdrink's name:  "Cold-Call Cola!"
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