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What the office of Phil Valentine looks like.
CONTEST ROUND! Describe Setting 2 using all 5 senses.

Rebeca was suddenly afraid as she entered the office of the leader of Forever Human. Forever Human was a radical human rights groups that focused less on the rights of humans and more on the not having rights of non humans. They were fueled by the power and intensity of their fearless leader Phil Valentine.

Before she walked in, it just looked like a doorway into his office. Once she passed through it, she felt like it must have been a gateway. She felt an immense sense of evil in this room, like it was under the carpet and in the walls. It was always out of view of the eye, but Rebeca could feel it pressing her from all corners. Rebeca was tempted to lick her lips because she thought she could taste uncooked fish in the back of her mouth. It made her whole body shiver as she struggled to remind herself that the taste was just in her head.

Mr. Valentine did not offer her his hand when she entered the room. He was a big man, and he made the office feel extremely small. Except for the door that she had entered, the only way out was a small window in the corner of the room with bars on it. It looked like it had not been opened in many years. Rebeca thought that it was odd that there were no bookshelves in the office, and yet the office smelled old and musty. The smell that normally occupancies an old library, but this smell was a dirty musty like clothes you leave in the bottom of the closet for too long.

Mr. Valentine gestured for her to sit in one of the two white-wash chairs. The white-wash cushions looked soft and welcoming, but the chair was firm and uncomfortable. The chair felt like it had a layer of grim on it from everyone who had sat in it before her. She wondered what part of her would be taken from her as she sat in this chair. Were the other victims as aware of the danger?

She sat in front of a huge double desk. It was covered in papers, newspapers, and letters. Somehow, Rebeca could not peak at any of them; they were place just out of sight where she could not get a look at what the purpose of any of them were.

Lost in thought, Rebeca did not hear Mr. Valentine sit in his chair. It was strange how in such a small room that sound traveled so poorly. In fact, everything sounded a little muffled in here. She wondered why the leader of a multimillion dollar organization would choose such a small and cramped place for his office except for the looming aura that enveloped the room.
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