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true,happened to me. dissociation as a child abused.
                                        A Child's Reflection

          As the child ran through the house; searching for her lost mirror.

          Creeping quietly, crawling through the dusty attic like a scared mouse.

          Wondering if the monster is getting nearer.

          She is such a pale, fragile child who knows the secrets' of this house.

          Searching high and low wondering if the monster will come and get her.

          She sees a sparkle behind the old crib, to her amazement out jumped

          a mouse.

          The sparkle seemed to hypnotize, and then her eyes began to blur.

          Even the colors changed on her blouse.

          Hues of gray, blue, and green, she was looking into the mirror when she


          began to transfer.

          The child wept and new she had to repeat the vows.

          No one knew of the torture and pain edured to cause her emotions to stir.

          I am ready to peek and see what the monster allows.

          She looked into the mirror with squinting eyes, was able to see what a


          She saw the other child who hid in the corner;  was waiting for her to see;

          "Don't you know you are a part of me?"

(This poem is true, it shows the ability of a child's mind to dissociate away from

the monster, pain.)


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