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Looking back, and forward. Rhyme.

Stages of Emotion.

Angst.  Embarrassment.

The thing that I hated on family trips:
To greet and kiss cousins, but couldn’t complain.
I’d wipe all their moisture from off of my lips.
When leaving I had to go kiss them again.

Curiosity.  Awe.

Started to notice the cute pretty faces,
And I began flirting with girls at my school.
With forbidden thoughts of intimate places,
But love’s first embraces were kisses, that’s all.

Desire.  Frustration.

The teenager dances with dating galore.
Passion and petting and acting like men.
So randy and eager and pushing for more,
But getting nowhere, girls were much wiser then.

Ectasy.  Lust.

Adult adventures in young women’s beds,
With romance not lasting and ending in pain.
Was ruled by our bodies and not by our heads.
The same old mistakes made again and again.

Happiness.  Contentment.

Discovered true love and contentment at last.
Now forty years married where have the years gone?
Together we look back to our cherished past.
Our love and devotion, still carrying on.

Apologies for adding the headings, and listing the emotions to the verses, but I received a two-star rating, including the following comment.
There doesn't seem to be much connection with the title. Love is the only emotion mentioned and only appears in the last line.
Who gives out twos anyway?  I'd rather eat my Koi Carp than give out a two.  Only joking, I love my carp, especially with chips and a pickled onion.
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