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A song about picking yourself up and moving on
Your jaw still drops every time she walks your way
Then it hits you that she's not yours today
And here's the part that's worst to confess-
She used to love you, now she couldn't care less

Now the sun's setting on your soul
And what's left of your heart just can't fight the cold
Pull your coat tight, this Winter's gonna be long
All you can do is live this life gone wrong

So it seems you're going solo now,
You were with her, now you're just without
The wound's still fresh, only time can heal
While you remember how to feel

You're not going in circles, but it all still looks the same
Things just keep on heading South, there's no one to blame
Murphy's Law has been more than a little rough
All you can do is hang on 'til someone says you've done enough


Later on, when you've stood more than you can stand
You look up and see a sad friend reaching out her hand
You pull her in close, let her know you feel her pain
But it's time for you both to let it all go and go for a walk in the rain

So you're done going solo now
You're not with her, but it all worked out
It's true what they say, that time does heal
And you finally figured out how to feel
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