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A poem about the consequences of unconsciousness' inaction
Just a place in the Hollywood Hills...
It's smaller than their others, only like 12 rooms, a cool 2 mil
The celebrity 'rents, they gush, they cry out,
"We needed a cozy place to escape the stress of the everyday-
Especially our daughters and son, they work so hard...
And with all the recent foreclosures, the housing market's cheaper than ever!"
Why not now?

It's just the latest road-burning import...
Tears up the asphalt and looks so good doing it- 100 MPH and 100 K price tag
This one just about fills the superstar's six-car garage
Call it a little celebration for inking that new deal with New York
You know that city threw him plenty of bills, more than he could ever blow anyway
Why not now?

So just an African Safari...
For 50,000 bucks, go out and see how many animals you can kill
Great timing too, worldwide recession means the dollar's up on the schilling
So you spend less, and you stimulate a hurting nation-
The globalized parts anyway... but it'll all trickle down in the end, right?
I mean, they give medals and documentaries for that kinda thing
And it is your money, you should enjoy it when you have it
If you got it, flaunt; do it all just to say you did
Why not now?

And then there's this kid, always does what he can to help-
Holds doors, empties pockets of change, collects cans, recycles cans... flosses
Good intentions, to be sure, he's just unsure
Of what it all means, how he can help, why nobody else seems to want to
And while he's sitting in the back of that sports car,
On his way to relax in the new mansion;
Sisters on the phone with the salon in France, texting a friend in Bali
He's just talking to himself, because sometimes you can't reach the world
Mulling over how white-collar crime cannot spare a dime
And why the answer's mostly no when we could all use a yes
Yeah, it hits him-
He could do a lot more, we all should do more
And somehow he's the only one around who sees it...
My opinion, the only one thinking clearly
'Bout how some rats stopped racing ages ago,
While others still live crumb to crumb;
That there are better ways to spend it all
Maybe someday soon the others, maybe they'll see it too...
Why not now?
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