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by Trish
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Regarding Human Rights
Chaos and Anarchy

Where do you start and is there really any point too voicing our most denigrating and painful experiences? I dare say a few have read what I have written over the past two years regarding my nightmares and the constant cries for help, the more I tried too speck up about the abuse my children and I have endured and still endure, the more it seems to go unnoticed.

I live in Australia and as much as this place is beautiful, I should be proud of what we have...for most, it's an easy life here, with great oppertunities, but for a lot of people we find it hard to even wake up in the mornings... it grates me how we have given Australia the nick name "The Lucky Country". for me what’s so bloody lucky about it...none from where I stand. We are no different to any other country when it comes too abuse, and the reason why it is so common.

People have become self’s, we have lost our morals, and values on who we are and what we stand for, the human race seems to be more into what they can gain out of a relationship,and if you dont live up to their standards your thrown away, matterial things seem more important, than caring for someones feelings or misfortunes.

I have notices more often than not in the last three four years how people will go to great lengths to cover up their mistakes instead of taking responsibility for them... Once they have acheived what they set out to do...your thrown in the trash with the rest of their garbage.

know one wants too think our own Parents, partners, family members, friends, and heaven forbid our own kids, the community and or the government systems could become abusive or let alone ignore it to such lengths. It’s inconceivable that our loved ones would consider such and evil act especially when they say they love us.

It is so much easier to place these issues in that draw in the back of our minds in the hope that it will go away... it will never go away, it sits there festering building up in the victims mind and heart until it finely needs to explode...by telling us they love us and only do it for what ever reason their perverted analogy gives them, too feel they have a right to do so. Well the sad truth is it will not go away, we need more people too take a stand, let these abuser’s who feel they have a HALO over their heads... we will not tolerate it any longer. Women,children and the men are suffering because of domestic violence and child abuse.

Our governments are turning a blind eye and ignoring what is happening. Our health systems are neglecting the issues, doctors would rather we pop a little white pill, than find out the reason for the cause to why someone has developed depression, our schools are becoming a dangerous place to send our kids too, substance abuse has blown way out of control, we have a shortage in professional workers, due to our kids passing up the learning of knowledge for disrespect and delinquency, their out of control and are so (gun ho) too control us (the parent's) because the government thought it best too up grade their rights and allow them to walk all over their parents and authority figures…

Lost count how many times I had the words thrown in my face from my kids “You can’t tell me what to do, even had a Doc’s worker state to me in front of my child that I cannot make my child clean their room, “yep” that’s right, not allowed to teach personal hygiene, respect for property” that’s abuse.... god give me a bullet.

They make you feel fear of abandonment and use it deliberately so you are powerless to teach them anything because you have some other sanctimonious idiot telling them that their mother is wrong, or they know they can walk out at the age of 12, and in some cases yes it's warranted, but when they lie to these so called child protective services, and it’s never investigated properly, and another child and parent are heartbroken and lost too never being able to repair the problem or their relationship.

I was sexually abused by my stepfather at the age of 12, told the secret and suffered so many different types of abuse growing up, nevertheless it has became extremely deverstating in the last four years since I decided to have the stepfather charged for his crimes... not for the lack of trying to find help, asking for it too be investigated, someone always managed to manipulate the situation to make me look bad or to shut me up. My mother created a system so as I would never have the ability to control my life or my children's.

Nine years ago i found out one of my daughters was also abused by this fetid thing, and because i tried to right a wrong, I have lost everything... although, my family think quite the opposite, they have it in their analogyu that it is because I was blaming them for my past... Maybe? but it wasn't in the past it has constantly stayed in the future, whether they like to admit it or not, the government and the judical system sat back and watch my life being torn apart, Financially, Physically, Mentally, Parentally, Medically, Psychologically, and sexually, in adition ignoring the fact it was forcing me into total isolation.

The child protective services ignored my cries for help when my mother and sister manipulated my daughter too lie and as far as i am concerned, they paved the way for my daughter to be put in danger and end up a victim. They stole my parental rights and took away the ability to never being able to protect my children.

This is what our kids see and learn, insubordination handed out by our so called family friendly government, Please!

But what makes this so heart wrenching, and one feel totally gutted, is this very child as well as her other 5 siblings have also turned into the product of my mothers evil and became abusers themselves.

My daughter got her guilty verdict, for me I paid the price for not complying to my families wants, I was forced to go to trial after the putrid thing denied my closer, nearly a year actually on the 16th of Decmember will be a full year...has gone by and still have no verdict. The two years to the lead up, they (family) went out of their way to sabotage this out come any way they could, numerous hospital stays due to little accidents, even to the point of poisoning or sending me that mad with grief they hoped i would kill myself.

It is a hell know human being should have to endure whether it be child women or man, know one has a right to force us to feel fear, denied love or compassion and we certainly do not need to be convicted of others wrongs on a daily basis. We all make mistakes and should have the balls to take responsibility for them. Nevertheless be able to learn from our mistakes so we can evolve into better people.

We as victims have a life sentence for what these putrid things do to us...we loose our life, and "so should they". We need more people out there taking a stand, finely face these fetid things and show our child it will not be tolerated, so they can tell the secret and feel they are safe doing so. it's all well and good if it's not on your door step ....but, have you looked at the reasons why your child acts up or why the woman next door all of a sudden disappears for great lengths of time, not showing up for family functions, the house that used to be full of color and life suddenly turn dull and lifeless. If you do spot someone like this "go knock on the door say hello have a cuppa, you will soon see if there is something wrong, the person who has been isolated for so long needs someone to talk too...a shoulder to cry on...or a hand to do a little cleaning or maybe alift to the shop or offer to go to the shop, unlike myself, I dare say there are a few out there to affraid to go outside their own door, have panic attacks if they do...I know I do.

I stand alone convicted of my families crimes, I have lost the ability to trust, even the ability to talk to a psychologist or a doctor makes me feel sick to my stomach.

“Who said a broken heart couldn’t kill you” as victims “we are the living but we are the walking dead”

Wake up Australia

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