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This is my second effort at poetry writing; this time I'm opting for the supernatural.
My friend has gone
She is lost in tragedy
My feelings she never knew,
I wish she lived again.

I weep for her loss
I weep for the absence
That she has made in my life,
My voice would not come forth
For three whole days.

Then I see her
Walking as she’s done before
Straight through the school doors;
Everyone greets her like she never left.

As I write on my notepaper
I see her across the classroom
But there’s something not right,
She seems not all there.

Once the day is done
As we all head back home
She taps me on the shoulder
And asks if she can come.

Accepting her request
We walk side by side,
Then I notice she is transparent
I can see her and that which she stands before.
Is she really there?

At home I wish to tell her
The feelings I’ve locked up inside,
I put my hand on her shoulder
She is intangible.
Why can she touch me
When I can’t touch her?

She looks at me
Sorrow in her eyes,
She wants to know what I think.
I speak my mind,
My emotions pour out.

She smiles though she is see-through
Her voice comes to me,
It is hollow and disembodied
But it is the sweet voice I know.

She remarks how she’s relieved,
She shares my feelings,
But everything’s starting to make sense.
She asks to read and takes a book
From the shelf without reaching.
Now I know why she can’t be touched.

My friend loves me,
She seems no different to the others
Though she must be known
As something beyond physical.

Sometimes she fades away
But she’s still there, I know,
The pages of the book still turn
As though it has a mind of its own.
Is she dead or is she alive?

I think I know
What she has become,
Physically she’s dead
But is now beyond me.
She’s beyond all of us
A power greater than man,
But she loves me the most
And I give love in return.
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