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Getting High
The Sinusoidal Curve that is High School

         If the experience was always well worth the effort, everyone would be satisfied. I am unsatisfied. The writing's and troubles of a teenage author should be both short and frivolous,  yet I feel like an old man. I can not say that these "Times" are tough, with this house filled with light, laughter, and art. Everything I should need is here, but I am unsatisfied. With the love of parents that every child should have, and the closeness of a father who was also a best friend, my life has known great things.
         If a person could pick a real starting point for when their life truly began, it would be when I met Cameron. First Grade was a tough time, between all the drugs, sex, and juice boxes, no one knew who they were, or how to spell their name. Ms. Holloway was our teacher, a magnificent woman, she was a little wrinkled, old but not frail, and gave you that "Thank you for the warm cookies Grandma." kind of feeling.
         Her room was mostly for play, with desks on one end, but on the other an open floor filled with action figures, and zoobs. Zoobs were wonderful lego-type toys that you could make almost anything out of, and that is how i met Cameron. Now being who I was, I had of course made an action figure out of the zoobs, instead of just playing with the ones already available. When I looked around for a challenge for my sturdy Zoob Warrior, I saw that one other kid had done the same thing. He was black and wasn't sort of short and very chubby, being an extremely skinny, lanky, weird white kid with a chipped tooth from falling off a slide myself, i challenged him to a battle. After a vigorous match that ended in us destroying each other's creations, we had been thoroughly acquainted. His name was Cameron Ware and mine was Hunter Futch, and we were both very smart. School was too easy, and reading was fun, and pokemon was the best part of any day. Cameron and I became fast friends, he started coming over to my house to hang out all the time, hanging out consisting of mostly playing pokemon cards and unsuccessfully trying to make grilled cheeses by ourselves. Adventures down to the lake behind my house came and went, and Best Friends is what we were.
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