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The seconed chapter in the dojo serieos explaining character and backrounds
I had woken up on the floor of the dojo late at night. Remembering the day I arrived here... it wasn't a good memory. My dad is a drunk who was a good man. Kind of an oxymorone but that is beside the point." Gear Hallow, one day you are going to be someone." Thats what he said. He had taken me to town on more than one occaision to try to find me a profession.He never did. Three years later after spending basically eighty-five percent of his time on finding me a profession he stumbled across Halt. Halt was the master of the Long Road Dojo he was also a violent and vulgar ex-assasin but i didnt learn that until later, after it was too late. Halt had been trying to teach me a basic cat stance but I was having trouble learning or even comprehending it for that matter. Why would you put your foot in such an awkward position? He was frusterated that I couldn't grasp the concept and boxed my ears firmly. I was so shocked I could barely react. That day I came home and told my dad what had happened. Three of the hired hands and my father went to talk some sense into him. None of them were ever seen again. I was promptly placed into Halts care. I walked in and noticed he had a big grin on his face. "So," that was all he said. I blinked and in a intsant he had a knife oresse against my throat. He had been across the room nearly 20 feet away and sitting behind a maple would desk. He had crossed the distance in an insant. "You tried to betray me now you will be my ward, my servant, my adopted son. Come we are leaving." Just then Halt walked in and said "I am leaving, You are your own man." This statement had shocked me and I didnt have anything to say. Halt picked up a floorboard and removed a canvas knapsack. Then he left.
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