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This is a story about a young witch, who created a magical friend!
It has been said , it is bad luck, if a black cat crosses your path.

I am here to tell you that simply isn't true.

Black cats are magical creatures and I will share this story with you.

Now this is a tale of another kind, it's the tale of a cat named stitch. Now Stitch is a special cat you see, because he was created by a magical witch.

I know what you're thinking,it sounds a little scary, but this was a good witch, and her name was Mary.

Mary was very lonely, she lived in an old house made of stone, and with no one to talk to, it didn't feel like home.

So one day Mary decided, today would be the day, she would cast a spell, l and create a friend, so she could finally play.

She gathered all that was needed to create her magical wish, and with her needle and thread Mary began to stitch.

And as she stitched, she thought of things she would like in a friend. And this is how it started, from the beginning to the end.

Two eyes to see me smiling, whenever you are near. Two ears big and pointed so they can help you hear.

A nose and whiskers to guide you, so you always find your way home. And a great big heart to love me, so I will never be alone.

So Mary went to bed that night, dreaming of what may be, and when she woke up in the morning, she saw something she never dreampt she would see.

It was a black cat, she saw before her. She couldn't believe her eyes.The magic had worked, the spell came true, this was a big surprise.

She said my name is Mary, I am a magical witch, he said its nice to meet you Mary, I’m a black cat named Stitch.

Next time a black cat crosses your path be sure to make a wish. Remember the good witch Mary and her new best friend Stitch.
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