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by Jennyj
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~~~~~~~~~ MY $$ DO-OVER!!~~~~~~

In celebration of our new prize pot, write a STORY or POEM about unexpectedly winning $10,000 cash. The only catch is -- you can only receive the prize if you use it for someone other than yourself. Make sure you include what you won the $$ for, and how you used it.


I have done it--I have WON
TEN THOUSAND CASH--let's have some fun!
Before we spend it, lets make plans
to do something for your dear clan!!
You say that you'd apply part to
your fam'ly's home--I live here too!!
I tell myself to BE REAL!!
Ten thousand bucks will just steal
my prime excuse to be pissed off--
it would pretend to fix this trough
of an old house that you hold dear,
but couldn't begin to bring near
the homey past that was your life;
still, we'll try to fix the house just right!!
My choices to start this damn chore
are dishwasher and new front door!!
House insulation, and new mounds
of siding; cat door to end sounds
of cats' scratching to be let out--
just one more thing that makes me pout!
I know we won't live here for good
but I will do what's best! I should
take ev'ery action I can take
Ito fix it right for fam'ly's sake!
Now we plan to re-do this house--
a do-over for my loved spouse!!
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