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Children's Experience of Music Can Teach Adults
As I’ve Been Healing I forget that Music can be an intensely spiritual experience and  has a great capacity to transform thoughts, feelings, physical suffering to the degrees that it does!  Wow! 

I’m remembering a snapshot of my sons and I at a ‘Summer Solstice’ (which I’d never been to but it was a free event) at White Rock Lake in Dallas, Texas the Summer of 2008. I saw a Drum Circle and my oldest (who was 3) asked what the sounds were. We quietly sat down by the group, but quickly realized we were expected to join in the drumming enjoyment as there were about 8 drums or instruments laying there-many for children.  Not a word was spoken. A child, about 6 or 7 years, (I got the feeling the child was very aware-a Crystalline energy-so loving and bright and intuitive!). He picked up drumsticks and gave them to my oldest and gestured to a larger drum next to a chair. My son hopped up with a smile, watched the ladies next to him drumming, and picked up the beat without a glance at me for approval or guidance. He knew what to do. My youngest was given a small drum for him to stand by and drum with his hands, and I also was directed to a medium drum to use my hands on. It was so surreal!

So familiar. The energy was thick with clarity, if that makes sense. I was smiling and nodding at everyone who looked our way, grateful for the opportunity to include my children and I in  such a new and dynamic activity! It was so spiritual! Before I knew it, my 3-yr-old was bobbing his head to the beat he was LOUDLY making, yet he looked so serious! My almost 2-year-old was trying to dance a little, and I took his hands and gently swaying him side to side, like a pivoting motion. He started bulling MY hands to rotate himself side to side faster and threw his head back laughing. He kept it there and athrew it side to side until he stopped to point at something with BIG eyes and a BIG smile in the air. There was nothing in that direction I could see. But he kept looking and smiling and talking! He kept dancing to the ryhtm side to side, almost falling down, but he wouldn’t stop! He went into a trance-like state of joy! I couldn’t stop smiling, and I even had to keep back tears, to see him enjoy something more than I’d seen him enjoy anything before! 

What vision was he enjoying that I wasn’t privy to? How close to spirit was he in that moment?

If only we’d watch our children more often, and see what brings them closer to ‘spirit’ , to the oneness of experiences they are openly and readily available to experience when we place no ‘programs to limit them.  So I’m thinking back to that experience that I had to share with you, so you see that when Jesus said, “A child will lead the way” , I think he meant to watch our children, not to limit them, to see how and why they see the world in the openly spiritual and non-limiting ways they do. We are to learn from them. Be reminded how we could see things again, if only we removed all the programming we have encountered and adopted into our originally perfect spirits. Its so interesting-that we are perfect creations, yet we cannot perceive this as our children do.  I am SO grateful for my children! Their perceptions have saved me multiple times! Have yours? Have you been awakened by the perfect visions of our earth’s children?

Remeber, you were one once.

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