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Inspired by a lay-off of someone where I work, after 32 years.
A noble, artistic, or spiritual event
Of any kind has a sworn, stable,
And intelligent leader
To guide its participants, fans, or spectators.
Whether they be the enthusiastic host,
A stalwart example-setter,
Or a calm, collected manager
Of gains to be had in a project,
Sport, or occupation,
These people of statuesque character
And knowing regard for the outcomes
Are pure and genuine leaders
Who have an unwitting passion for game time,
Award-giving, and instinctive decisiveness;
Citizens who command a courageous,
Care-giving, and honest effort.

But when common, ordinary people
Decide that these individuals
Are in charge of something pivotal
Which is not divisive or cruel in any way,
Everyone regards these captains
Of bold and hearty resolve
To be advantageous and positive,
And not less than the worthwhile, healthy,
And responsive people under their
Trustworthy, inimitable countenances.
But once seen in a cruel or despicable light
Due to widely foreseen, injurious,
And heartless decision-making,
These refutably cold and dishonest captains
Lose the honor, reputation, and distinction
Of their high and beneficent bearing,
To a shredded and tattered post
Now lacking control, respectability, and trust,
And above all, the sacred and dutiful loyalty
Of its now-victimized, or almost certainly,
Soon-to-be disadvantaged stakeholders.
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