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You may get another chance if you made the wrong choice, but don't depend on it.

It happened at the beach one day, a bottle washed ashore.
It looked intact so I opened it and, then, began to pour
a small amount into my hand to have a tiny taste.
If it was good, why not? My ma said not to waste.

It tasted just like water so I drank the bottle down.
I continued my daily walk until I got to town.
Then I felt sort of strange and the sidewalk got much bigger.
My clothes dragged behind me and people began to snicker.

I gazed into a window and could not believe my eyes.
A stranger looked back at me; she was half my size.
I got closer and looked again, she had my crooked nose.
I raised my foot and I’ll be darned, she showed me her bare toes.

Everything that I would do, she would do the very same.
I mouthed the word, Connie, and it looked like she said my name.
My heart began to race when I realized she was me.
“Where am I?” I shouted, as I slowly began to see.

It must have been the water I was dumb enough to drink
I became young again as my body began to shrink.
But I wanted “me” back so I began to ponder how
To reverse the whole procedure, sweat pouring from my brow.

I hiked up my dragging pants and ran back toward the sea.
I prayed to God for His help and He must have heard my plea.
On the sand I spied a bottle with liquid somewhat brown.
A deep voice inside my head ordered me to drink it down.

Sometimes you get a second chance, but don’t depend on it.
As the deep voice talked to me, all my clothes began to fit.
There’s a lesson to be learned, drink not from unknown sources.
Just do your best to think things through and make the right choices.
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