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by jaya
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The evil awakens.
Black Magic

Through the eerie midnight silence
of the cemetery or a cremation ground,
under a pale crescent moon ghostly,
the wintry breeze, a tortured moan,

the unholy chants begin to drone.
Empowered to awaken the buried dead,
casting malevolent, offensive spells,
black magic startles the souls into unrest.

Blood broth, dark and deplorable,
mementos, hair, nails, sharp, prickly,
for harmful death and damnation,
caused by jealousy, desire and fury.

Powers of darkness, malevolent,
Satan’s minions, legions diabolic,
vague shapes, menacing, grinning,
ready to pounce on the marked victim,

hover around the long-haired,
beady-eyed, possessed, tattooed, tabooed
sorceress, waiting with glee, to kill for prize,
to fortify evil, their final goal.

First place winner.
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