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This is the prologue to a new story I am working on
For the last ten years of my life, I fought to protect the crown from the uprise of the dreaded Outland
to the south. The country that fought to kill the kingdom of Crystal Hedge, and take the rest of Morlea by storm.

With the help from Fallhaven to the east and Havenbourne to the west, they help send the invaders back to the place they have came from.

As I approached my home from the final treaty singing, saying that the people from Outland are no longer welcomed in the country, I find my house empty and me without a home.

That was a full moon cycle ago

Through the mouths of commoners I call my new family, I have come to find out that the king as died from a mysterious illness.

Outland will see this as a chance to finally get the kingdom taken over due to their Prince Marlamin Milner claiming his rightful place but...

FallenHaven's Princess Carsaadi Spelloyal can make claim being born at the same time as Prince Marlamin Milner.

Havenbourne's Duke Thomas Darkeyes claims that since the Prince and Princess are too young and are twins that he should rule, due to his help during the war, and being much older.

Tenasions are rising in Morlea, as each of the states are fighting for the throne, war is lurking again.

I feel its time for a change, its time for a commoner who was used for what they wanted and thrown away to collect what he is due, and I don't care who I hurt in the process.

From this day forward I, Davros Serpenthelm, will bring the kingdom under my control no matter what it takes
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