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It's who you are...
According to the Collins English Dictionary, the following words carry their attached meanings:

Humanism: n the rejection of religion in favour of a belief in the advancement of humanity by its own efforts.

Human being: n a man, woman, or child.

Humane: 1 showing kindness and sympathy; 2 inflicting as little pain as possible; 3 considered to have a civilizing effect on people.

Humanity: 1 the human race; 2 the quality of being human; 3 kindness or mercy.

         Irrespective of religion, colour or creed, geographical or political persuasion, sexual orientation. If you're holding this book between two hands, following the impulse of curiosity, you're a member of an elite society, millions of years in the making, which modern language (at least in the dominant English form of our time) labels Human. If you're not then Humans are probably extinct, their time on this planet a distant memory but hopefully a valuable lesson to whoever you are, or what we have become. The purpose of this writing is to illuminate the many differences that exist amongst a race that is genetically similar in its biological state, but given the gifts of consciousness and superior intellect, has spent its entire existence in the pursuit of annihilation.

         This is what it means to be Human. A total contradiction to the opening definitions recently encountered. Humans are capable of killing through stabbing, shooting and bombing. They can commit rape and abuse the elderly or the young. Be deceitful, uncooperative, manipulative, destructive, evasive, offensive - just some of the Human traits that Collins neglects to mention. Of course, these are all negative characteristics. There is a positive side to the human, which encapsulates love, honesty, integrity, empathy, sincerity, as well as a plethora of emotions we will encounter sooner or later as our study expands.

         Perhaps the single most influential characteristic of Human Beings is their ability to adapt. We continuously push against the barrier we call Nature to determine our limits. If something is perceived to be impossible we systematically set about finding ways to disprove ourselves. We set and we break records as a benchmark of our progress, something we collectively call Evolution, which is ultimately Humanism.

         We are the gods of Reinvention.

         Imagine a world where you are not a Catholic, Jew or Muslim, but part of something (not religious) much bigger, something that does not persecute because of belief. It accepts you for who you are, what you represent as an organic individual, irrespective of achievement, expectation or whatever else counts as a measure of success and triggers an electrical impulse in your brain that leads you to believe you're the master of your own destiny.

         We are also the gods of Delusion.

         Ask yourself why we need a god. What purpose does he serve? Normal convention would require the capitalisation of the word 'he' but this account will not recognise the biblical requirement. This is by no means to be discourteous or inflammatory, but there is no explanation in the English language as to why this tradition is adhered to. Jesus was Human, was he not? If he came from extra terrestrial origins (or even went back to them) then he is not Human. Extra terrestrial means other than the Earth, so technically Jesus Christ is your latter day E.T., only without the ability to phone home. Yet if we believe the verse, he still managed to get there.

         Key to this is belief. It's the lifeblood of religions. George Michael said it: 'You gotta have faith'. Forget scientific research or history, all of this becomes immaterial when you apply the power of faith. It's a Human trait. This is not an attack on the religios population or their beliefs. Whatever floats your boat or oils your conscience; haven't we already ascertained we are the gods of Delusion? We need to take a few steps backward and look through the omniscient eyes we afford to the lord and see us for what we really are and represent.

         We are Man Made.
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