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Amaya has served heaven for centuries, but current events lead her to doubt her alliances.

I awoke to my senses teasing me with the taste of blood. It slid smoothly down my throat. It was warm, but it was also icy cold. It was almost as if I could feel every movement it made down to my stomach. It surrounded all of my mental awareness, as a fatalistic flame draws a moth’s obsession. Something deep within me knew the blood was mine.

My already open eyes began to focus on the world outside of my mind. Blood. I was covered in blood. Why? I tried to form the mental words but all thoughts rang dead. What was going on?

I was lying on a pile of broken rocks, possibly concrete. All around me was nothingness-nothingness and destruction. The sky was a clear blue, although there were clouds of dust near the ground. It almost seemed impossible. A soft ringing sound echoed off everything. There was no life within sight, except for a lone figure clothed in black hooded robes. His face was hidden from me. Funny, I didn’t think he was there before…

We did not move, only stare at each other for eternal minutes. Finally, he spoke. “It’s a pity to see you like this.”

My mind strained to put a meaning to his words. Words spilled out of my mind, none of them making sense or connections. I did not speak. My eyes must have spoken for me, for he continued.

“Did you know that it is considered a tragic flaw to not know who you are? You are a fool. You think you know who you are. You think you have morals and values to keep you safe. You know nothing. Everybody knows nothing, especially in matters involving you. You think you work for heaven. You work for no one. You bow to no one. Now, arise.”

And then, I awoke.
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