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vore, f/m, digestion, scat
It just wasn’t working. Brad was a great guy. He was loyal, smart, affectionate, open and open minded, and a border collie to top it all off. Heidi had a thing for border collies, but for Brad, the attraction just wasn’t there. He was too nice, that’s the only way to describe it.

Heidi was a hyena so she was a lot bigger and stronger than her boyfriend, but that doesn’t mean that he couldn’t be a bit firmer with her. Brad gave Heidi the impression that she could do anything she wanted with him and he wouldn’t do a thing about it, and that ruined it somehow.

Heidi couldn’t put it off any longer; she had to break up with Brad that day. Unfortunately that day happened to be Brad’s birthday. He sounded so excited on the phone when she told him to come over.

“I think we should see other people”, “It’s not you it’s me”, “I think we should just be friends”, Heidi went through every break up cliché in her head but none seemed appropriate, and all would still break his heart. How could Heidi explain it to Brad? The best explanation she could come up with is that it’s a feeling and not a choice. He’d want more than that and Heidi just couldn’t give it to him.

She couldn’t do it. Not when Brad was so happy. Heidi just couldn’t go through the confrontation. She couldn’t stand looking into those puppy dog eyes as he desperately tries to chance her mind. But she had to break up with him. Heidi could see only one other option. A terrible option, but it was the easiest way and it made more and more sense as she thought about it. She would eat him in his sleep.

Before Brad got to her place, Heidi went to the nearest fast food restaurant and bought eight burgers and four servings of fries. Heidi imagined that Brad would struggle and give her a stomach ache when he wakes up. The food was to calm him down, by allowing him less room to move.

When Brad arrived, Heidi led him straight to the bedroom and began to undress him. Brad got the hint and started to remove hers as well. She led him to the bed and with her back to the border collie she lifted her tail. Out of habit, Brad reached for the lubricant and started to pour it over his arm.

Heidi liked fisting, so she always made Brad stick his arm in her tail hole as her put his cock in her pussy. Heidi loved this, but Brad would have a stinky hand for the rest of the day, and although he didn’t say so he didn’t like it. This was for Brad and not her, so she took the lubricant from his hand and poured it onto his erection.

Brads tail waged. He always wanted to have anal sex with Heidi but she never did because as big as his dick was, Heidi desired something more filling when it came to that hole. Brad thought this was a special birthday treat, but this was breakup sex, and Heidi was only throwing the dog a bone.

Brad thrust into her and pushed as deeply as he could go. To Heidi, it felt good, but she wasn’t enjoying it nearly as much as he was. She wasn’t getting enough to take her where she wanted to go so she pushed him on his back and sat on his lap to let her weight push him in as far as he would go.

Balls deep and it still wasn’t enough. It was a little frustrating for Heidi, like an itch she couldn’t reach. When Brad came Heidi couldn’t hide her disappointment. Brad apologized, but Heidi told him that it was alright. She couldn’t really complain. Brad would satisfy her in other ways.

Brad fell asleep on his stomach moments later. He was a deep sleeper after sex, almost nothing could wake him. Heidi got out of bed and walked over to the foot of the bead. She would have to start with Brad’s feet because suffocation is one of the few things that could wake him.

Heidi stared at Brad’s feet and hesitated for a moment. Although technically Brad was going to die, Heidi didn’t want to feel like a murderer. She was just having a large meal, so this had to be like every other meal for her to go through with it. She was very squeamish so the end result couldn’t resemble Brad in any way.

Luckily, Heidi’s Hyena stomach was powerful enough to digest bone, so there was no danger of her boyfriend’s skull staring up at her as she flushed. There should be no resemblance between the dog who lay before her besides a few clumps of black and white, and that she could deal with. She always had clumps of Brad’s hair in her crap when he was shedding.

Satisfied with her assurances, Heidi licked her lips and got to work. She put Brad’s furry feet together and pushed them down her throat. She climbed onto the bed to follow up his naked body, lifting him when necessary and guiding his hands and tail in when she got to them.

When she got to his neck she sat up on her calves, her head tilted upwards the whole time and her mouth wide open. Aided by gravity, Brad sunk the rest of the way, sleeping the whole time. His head was inside Heidi’s mouth holding it open while her saliva pooled up to his cheeks for one final swallow.

Heidi closed her mouth as Brad’s head was flushed down her throat. She felt very full and began to think that maybe there wasn’t enough room for Brad to put up a fight, which would be great because that meant no stomach ache.

Heidi was wondering if Brad had woken during the swallow when she felt movement in her stomach. She was relived to find that it didn’t hurt at all. Her stomach was too cramped for Brad to do much except let her know that he had awoken.

Although it didn’t hurt, the movement still disturbed Heidi a little. Food isn’t supposed to move when it’s in the stomach. So, still naked, she went to the kitchen and started to eat the burgers and fries she had bought earlier. With every burger the feeling in her stomach got fainter. But even after the last one she could still feel something, although the feeling was much less regular.

Heidi hauled her bloated body over to the fridge and ate whatever scrap she could find. A slice of pizza, a bit of Chinese food. Then she remembered the cake. She took it out of the fridge and carried it over to the kitchen table.

Heidi was planning to break up with Brad some time after his birthday, so she made him a cake when she still thought it would be necessary. Doing what she did to Brad was the easiest option but it was still hard for Heidi, she needed some comfort food. So she shoveled a couple of slices into her mouth and sent Brad some of his birthday cake, though it was a lot less pretty when they reached him.

Heidi had eaten more than ever before. Her breath was labored and she was incredibly sleepy. There couldn’t have possibly been any room left in her stomach. But as she climbed into bed and drifted off to sleep she could feel a gentle nudge from within every few minutes. Brad was still alive. But when Heidi wakes up, he won’t be.

Heidi woke with a heavy feeling in her bowels and a pressure in her tail hole. She skipped over to the bathroom and she sat naked on the toilet. Her tail was raised but she didn’t want to let go. Her tail hole had never felt so full; it felt like Brad had inserted his entire body, which wasn’t too far from the truth.

Her whole body tingled and she shuddered when she touched herself. For an hour she stroked the lips of her pussy and rubbed at her clitoris as orgasm after orgasm washed over her body. Finally, the pressure became too much and she let it go of it. As her tail hole stretched around the wide log she hit an earth shattering climax and her juices spilled into the bowel in a continuous river.

After the rest of her waste rushed out, Heidi just sat there for another ten minutes. Leaning back against the flush tank with the afterglow of sexual satisfaction. Last night was for Brad but this morning was for Heidi.

When Heidi finally got up and looked down into the bowel she was glad to see that it looked no different to what it normally would only a lot bigger. There were huge clumps of black and white fur, but Heidi was used to that. She used had to use a bucket to flush the massive mess, but all in all she was happy with the way things turned out. She thought about that bathroom trip a lot when she touched herself. Dumping a long term boyfriend had never felt so good.

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