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Very rough draft, my sister and i came up with this on rookie patrol.
[Note: You kind of have to be a lifesaver to get parts of it]

Sitting here on the sand,
Enduring the blistering heat,
45 to the max,
I am feeling really beat,

Watching the water,
Finding the rips,
This is just a days work,
And we earn no tips,

Seeing somebody struggle,
Theres my rescuing queue,
To grab a tube and head out,
The person's now askew,

Fighting the waves fiercely,
Bobbing up diving under,
determination with every stroke,
And then i hear the thunder,

Lightening flashes across the sky,
As i see my target, in a rip,
The waves crash heavily in,
And above me one begins to lip,

Passing the tube, catching one in,
I feel the wave steadily under me,
The sting of air on my face and
the chord that won't set me free

Dragging my friend in,
pistol grip all the way,
Heaving down to a drop,
DR abc until its okay.
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