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Being hesitant to fully love someone..but finding out it's too late, you already do.

I guess the best way to describe it is
Being hesitant, believe it or not.
Yes, I tend to jump into things quickly.
There are some things I'll hold back.

So many things seem
Too good to be true.
That, before I know it, they'll slip through my fingers
Like water.

I think I'm somewhat scared
Stuffing down my fears into my soul.
But, when I'm alone
They might just resurface and reclaim me
All over again.

I'm hesitant to trust you with my heart,
But you already own it.
I'm hesitant for you to be in my life,
But you're already the main event.
I'm hesitant to believe everything you say
But I already hold on to your every word.

Who knew you could entrance me so quickly
With your face, your smile, your words, your touch?
Because even though I'm slightly hesitant
I already love you so much.
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