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Rated: 18+ · Fiction · Fantasy · #1615186
A man recalls the time he met a spiritual being in an erry netherworld.
note - have many doubts about it, the intro has part of it held back for the ending, Its not on top of my priority list but I'll bump it up if ppl like it.
I saw him on the corner of a long and dark street, it felt like I had walked for hours between a never ending set of tall building with invisible windows. I couldn't see a star in the sky, yet everything was basked in a blue gray light that seemed to come from nowhere...  The lack of sound was more creepy than it was reassuring and the smell of dampness, only added to the eery gloom that hung around, Silent, amongst the flickering dust particles that caught the stale light.

I knew someone was there although i hadn't seen anyone yet !There! In a corner between two buildings, there was the dark shadow of what I believed to be a man. the figure had no distinctive features .. the face seemed calm but ridden with lassitude although his eyes burned with the defiance of a thousand anarchists. He must have been around 30 years of age and his features barely moved as he spoke with a hush and dark tone of jolly old fellow ...

"A drink, to wet your lips and soak your tongue.. " he said holding up a bottle..
"I hope you don't find me rude, but I am not carrying any money ... "
"Indeed, you have nothing I want... but the bottle is yours ... ".

I twisted the bottle open, but it did not fizz as I expected.... And a sweet smell hit me like a color patch would've in that gray stale scene...

"Sweet, but has a bitter after taste..." I said after my first sip...
"Was it dis-pleasurable?".
"Dis-pleasurable .. heh.. haven't heard it used before... no, no the drink is fine ... sometimes you have to take the bitter with the sweet "

He seemed to laugh half amusingly...

"I suppose you can't be choosy either", he said.
"You can always choose" I replied, this made him stop laughing; with a serious tone and a bright gleam in the back of his eyes he said "Exactly..."
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