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Part 5. Again, only short due to time limitations.
“Janner, honey, get up” “Wait, what time is it?” “Half twelve, now get up” “Why?” “Because the administratum people are asking for you” “What are they doing here?” “Ask them yourself, and you don’t ask much questions when you wake up, do you?” Lilith joked before kissing Janner on the cheek and heading for the kitchen. “Time to see what this is about” thought Janner as he got dressed. When he got downstairs, he saw a large silver fox, wearing a full Imperial officer’s uniform, displaying rows of medals and a laurel. “Corporal Janner, it’s good to see you, I am major Dastrin Gorgus, of the ‘Hämmern of Verbot’. I am here to give you a 3 week leave, and you are to be informed that after that, you will be re-assigned to the ‘Hämmern of Verbot’ with the rank of Sergeant Major, but only if you want it” “Sir, this is all rather sudden, may I ask why I am being offered a transfer?” “You are being offered because of your history, more specifically, your great grandfather, Commander Karn. His bloodline leads to you, and I see that you’ve inherited his stubbornness and appearance, which leaves you the perfect person for the job” “Sir, if it is off planet, I don’t want the job” “Are you sure you do not want this?” he asked. “Yes sir, I am sure. This job may not be the best, but unlike others, I still have a chance of coming home to my wife”. Gorgus then went on his way, leaving Janner in peace.

“Honey, the foods hot, so be careful” “What is it, anyway?” asked Janner, his meal to far away for him to see it. “It smells nice” he said, sniffing the air. “Nice? Is that what you say about your favourite food?” “I thought we ran out of it, and how could you mask the smell?” “Secret” she said. “Anyway, what did that officer want?” “He was offering me 3 weeks leave in return for a transfer” “Did you take it?” she asked. “No, but I have a feeling he isn’t done with me. It’s off planet as well, so I wouldn’t be with you” “Well, if he decides to throw a punch, you’re gonna need to eat a bit more. You’ll never last if I can hear your stomach from the kitchen” “That’s going to change when you get in here, I’m starving” “It’s a good thing I made extra then” “You spoil me, and that’s why I married you” “You married me because I was the only one you had your eyes on” “What? Can’t blame me” Lilith to smacked Janner playfully and kissed him. “Hey, one thing” “Yes, what is it?” “Don’t mention the major to anyone else, ok?” “I wont, don’t you worry. Besides, I don’t want to upset someone as tough as you now, would I?” Janner laughed at this, kissed Lilith again and took his food.

Just as Janner finished is dinner, someone else knocked on their door. “I’ll get it” Lilith said, as Janner was busy sorting out paper work. At the door was Dimitre, a white tiger who had known Janner and Lilith since the day they moved in. “Ah, Mrs Gerner, a pleasure to meet you again” “You don’t need to be so formal, Dimitre, save it for the party” “Ah, yes. Janner’s birthday. This will be a great day for him” “You say that every year” “And every year he has shown us all he isn’t just another drone” “We’ve always known that” “But he hasn’t shown it, and I expect to change that, with my gift to him” “What exactly is this gift” “My dear, only myself and the Emperor shall know until the 23rd. Besides, it’s for both of you” “Is it now?” “Yes, so neither of you get a look” "Ok, just don't forget it" "I wont, I promise"
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