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by ghost
Rated: 13+ · Lyrics · Philosophy · #1615478
this is my first song that i have written
this is the first song i have EVER written. C&C welcome!!!!

these roads i walk down, lit by the moonlight
my mind is lit up with all the frights
of my life goin over and over again
never stoppin, never stoppin, and goin again

(whisper: "it's paranormal")

my mom and dad fightin, and gettin into it.
they grow louder and louder, and i'm sick of it
they shoot guns using words, and im in the crossfire
and im hit, over and over, and they dont care, they dont care

chorus #1:
my mind races, i dont know what to do
all i care about is that im over you
your lies and deceit, you crawl and you creep, cuz of you i dont sleep
it's paranormal

i leave this house of pain and regret
i look to the horizon, and over it
to the unknown future that lies beyond
and finally im goin home, im goin home

i drive to that point, goin faster and faster
i get there, and i pass it, and i pass it
i dont look back, there aint no point,
and so i plunge, over the edge, im over the edge

(chorus #1)

chorus #2:
my angel, i have fallen for you,
i love you forever, and that's what's true
i'm sorry i hurt you, cuz that hurt me,
please come back, i need you back

there aint no way to get me back, but somehow you pull me out
of this abyss of self-pity that im in, and then im out, and then im out
i look back to thank you, but you aint there
and i stand there, all alone, im all alone

(ch #1)

(ch #2)

(whisper: "its paranormal, your my angel")

i know, i know, there are soooo many grammatical errors, it isn't funny. but that's the way i write. i don't want reviews saying that my grammar sucks, i just need feedback on if this was good or not, if i should keep writing in this form, that kinda thing.


-seth hanson
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