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Just some things regarding general relativity etc...
Theory of relativity proves God
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By pogod

Relativity still relevant

Just a few things I was pondering today that I thought I would share in case anyone wanted a gauge on my insanity. Concerning Einstein’s theory of general relativity and particularly how it applies to light. Also, the relationship, and implications of the CERN laboratories giant Hadrons particle accelerator. Soon coming online and its quest to find the so called “god” particle or the Higgs particle.

But first lets remember that according to mainstream science and the big bang theory, we now believe that all things came into existence via photons (little packets of light) crashing into one another and breaking apart into the base elements, then combining again with other base elements to then form the physical universe we call home. In other words we, and everything that we observe, and know are simply light slowed down. This is important because it gives us a peek at the hypothesis being used at the CERN laboratories.That smashing the base particles together and dissecting them, will allow them to see the mind of GOD. And if we recall, the Bible states that God is……LIGHT.
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What do we know of light and Einstein’s theory……
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1) Matter cannot travel at the speed of light (186,000 mp-sec) because regardless how small to begin with, its mass will reach infinity. But light does this, meaning that light has no mass and therefore light does not exists in the physical universe. So light exists outside the physical universe, yet permeates every corner of the cosmos, Huh!!

2) Light is relative to the observer. Tough concept to wrap your noodle around but an important one. Imagine a super nova exploding in a distant part of the galaxy and a person witnessing this on a planet close to the event. Then imagine you seeing this event on earth, say 100 light years further away. We both see the same light but we see the light a “perceived” 100 light years after the witness close to the event. So, light is in all times and all places at once. Or we could say Omnipresent. Huh!!

3) Since all things in the physical universe are brought about by photons (tiny packets of light) crashing together and slowing down then it can be said that all information and therefore all knowledge is light. So we can conclude that light is all knowing or perhaps omniscient. Huh!!

4) And according to this theory if all things are light than it stands to reason that all power is light. And in the interest of time and my poor ability to type ,I think you get my point. We can say that light is also Omnipotent. Huh!!
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So just as CERN laboratories know that all things are made of light, and they attempt to uncover the “mind of god” through its manipulation. One of the side affects will be the creation of tiny black holes the size of a proton. And therefore tell us that this constitutes no danger due to the size. But I thought that they believed that all matter at the time of the big bang was condensed to the size of …. A proton!!!! And they also say that b-4 the big bang there was nothing. No time, no dimension, no sub atomic particles, just nothing!! Now I implore you to consider this. If there was nothingness, does it not stand to reason that it would remain nothingness! Something had to start it all..
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These have been the random and abridged thoughts of a lunatic J
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