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A poem on the insecurities of young girl.
The girl looked around, intimidated
By the adults, their confidence unlimited
Though she shared their passion
A voice in her said, "You're not their competition"

Seventeen and insecure
She tried hard to appear sure
But when they threw her a glance
Immediately, she lost her stance.

A stranger walked past
And noticed this girl behind her mask
He knew nothing of her
But found her expression familiar

An expression he once embodied
A simple acknowledgement, was what it seeked
So he lifted her mask, knowingly smiling
Letting her know there's always a glimmer of hope, shining

She saw the message his eyes told
Which filled her heart, that longing hole.
That triggered a promise, to remember him in her prayers
For that was the moment, she left behind her trivial fears.

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