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by Mia
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The death of my cat, or how I hope it was. The End of a Semester Project I am doing.
I feel it.

The waving grasses, the gleaming sun. The crystal pools, the dappled forests.

My Kingdom.

Where the air smells like sun and the skies are an endless blue sea. Where I rule. Everything. From the proud trees to the insects that sing me to sleep. Where I can run, run forever.

It’s so close. I just need to leave this body behind, it’s holding me back. I can feel it, tugging me down, away from my kingdom, my territory, my empire, it’s all slipping away. I’ve put up enough of a fight, I’m done. Done fighting in this world, my people will understand. I’ve gone, gone to my calling, my kingdom. I don’t need to be here anymore, I’ve done what I needed to do and it’s time to move on. I can still look down on them. It will hurt, but they’ll move on too. When I race through my new world, totally free, I’ll think of them and know that they’re thinking of me.

I have no regrets, as I feel the pull from body diminish and disappear. I feel the sunshine warm my face. I take a deep breath, a last breath, filled with the familiar scents of my home. I walk forward as my eyes adjust to the bright sunlight. I look down at my new world. My new empire. This is where I belong now, in the sunshine.

I am free. I am happy.

I am


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