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"I’m beaten down and limping, I’ve no hope left inside..."
I take another painful step
Down this old dirt road.
The wind it whips and whistles
And I shiver in the cold.

I strain to make it up the hills
Then fall down the other side
I’m beaten down and limping,
I’ve no hope left inside.

My burden is so heavy
That I shake beneath it’s weight,
And my mind begins to wonder
If death will be my fate.

But I hear now through the silence,
A voice so clear and sweet
“Come to me with your burdens,
And lay them at my feet”

I struggle to a wooden cross
That sits beside the road,
Fall to my knees in gratitude
And here I leave my load.

I push myself back to my feet
And limp on once again.
But find instead of lonely roads,
A strong and faithful friend.
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