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This is about a wolf xD
That was when it happened. The sun disappeared behind the mountain, and the moon rose. As it was at its peak, the wolves strated to howl. But all of the sudden, it stopped. I did'nt know what happened, so i started to run towards the river where my mate was waiting with our cub, Niyu. "What happened?!" i barked. She picked up Nijamh and jumped over the river. " Felix has stopped the wolves." she replied putting Nijamh down. "What? Why?!" Felix was my older brother. He hated me. "We do not know yet. The spies havent found the pack yet... and they havent replied." she said. There was a noise in the bushes...."Shh!" i whispered. Suddenly, a huge, black wolf jumped out and attacked my family. I tried attacking, but it was too late. I suddenly noticed who the wolf was, it was Felix. He hadnt attacked my pup yet, but was about to. "Please, my dearest brother. Spare my pup. He has done no harm to you or your pack." I begged. "Why should i spare anyone of your family? I mean, they havent done any good to our world. Escpecially Eya, she's been a pain for all packs shes been in." Nijamh growled at him. "Oh why isnt that cute. Youve got a very brave son, Niyu." he laughed. My pup hid behind me and i said "Yes, my brother. But would you do us the pleasure and let us pass... to my wife." i saw that she hasnt died yet. Her eyes were closed, and she wasnt moving but i could see her breathing. He looked at her. All of a sudden, i heard her whimper as he bit her into the neck and didnt let go until he was for sure that she wasnt breathing anymore. "Noooo!!!!" i howled. That was the first howl that had been let loose since the moon had reached its highest peak. Felix turned around swiflty to look at me. Suddenly he ran off. "Whats his problem?" i asked Nijamh. I remembered, that my dead mate was still laying there, in a blood puddle.
I ran over and Nijamh followed. I noticed that her heart was still beating. But she was breathing... atleast that was what i thought. "Eya?" i asked. she slowly opened her eyes and turned her head to look at me. "Niyu, my love... take care of you and my pup. Teach him how to be strong, and never forget me." she whispered weakly. " Niyu, i love you." "No, Eya. Don't start saying your goodbyes. You're goin to get through this... keep your heart beating!" i said to her. But she was already dead. I couldnt hide the tears anymore. I let them roll down my furry cheek as Nijamh came over to lie next to Eya. He looked at me, his face filled with a million questions. I let my head sink, until my face was the hight of his.It was hard to tell him right to his face, he was just a pup. "Nijamh... mommy wont wake up anymore." i whispered. I saw his eyes get red. While picking up Eya to take her to a different place, i heard someone say : " Mommy... wake up!!! Please!!! Mommy!" it was Nijamh, who had spoken his first words. I hugged him, and told him to follow me. And that we will be taking Eya to a saver place... where she can rest in peace.
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