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A story based off of Loonatics Unleashed series by Warner bros. FC&Tec.
Chapter 1 :: When the past comes knocking :: 

         It was turning to dusk its golden yellow and orange light seeped through the clouds as a small rain storm had ended. It’s been a while since Acmetropolis had any rain; it was common during the fall…well ever since the meteor had struck that is. Tech was still baffled that something simple like weather was affected very slightly by the meteor strike, but more then half of the population on Earth was ‘blessed’ with supernatural powers. But even so, he sighed as he leaned against the railing and stared at the city below, people were closing their umbrellas and he could see cars starting to drive at their normal speed. But it wasn’t the city he was thinking about, he was thinking about what happened years ago, about the same time the meteor hit.
“Hey.” A voice said. Tech turned around and sighed seeing the yellow rabbit with the black suit with yellow symbols, it was his leader Ace.
“Mind if I join ya?” he asked in his normal accent. Tech shrugged and moved over a bit to let his leader in. Ace smiled and leaned over the railing and also looked at the city below.  “It’s been a while since we had any rain huh?” he asked looking back at him. Tech nodded.
“Yeah it has…I remember it used to rain a lot during the fall.” He said. Ace nodded and looked at his partner confused.
“But that’s not what you’re thinking about.”
“You’re not thinking about the rain aren’t you? You have something else on your mind.” He said. Tech said nothing and opened a small piece of paper he took out of his pants pocket and stared at it. It was a small note and on it had a few short sentences and pictures.
“You can tell huh?”
“You’re not saying anything scientific, that’s how I can tell if that’s what you’re wondering...But you’re actually depressed aren’t you?” he asked. Tech said nothing and smiled a bit as he stared at the note.
“Just a bit…” Ace looked at him confused and then saw the note, he leaned over and grabbed it and smiled back at Tech.
“What’s this? I didn’t know you passed notes in class!”
“G-Give that back!” Tech gasped with a red face trying to get the note back. Ace dodged him without any effort and started to read the note.
“‘So what are you doing Saturday?’ ‘Nothing much just heading to the mall again.’ ‘You should keep studying for that quiz on Monday missy.’ ‘Make me pup-cakes.’ How cute.” Ace said with a chuckle and then looked at the back and saw a girl’s name in cursive. “Jessie..? Hey, didn’t you used to go to college with a chick named Jessie?” he asked looking at Tech. Tech said nothing and then reached over and grabbed the note back from him. Tech looked back at the note and folded it carefully as if it’ll rip.
“Yeah…actually…she was more then just a classmate, she actually helped me pass.”
“What? But you’re wickedly smart Tech! I don’t think that you needed any help on anything!” Ace gasped as he leaned against the railing again. Tech chuckled as he shook his head.
“Oh no…when I was in college…I needed all the help I could get.” He said as he remembered his failing classes. “I was failing in almost every class…they always thought since I was a famous professor’s son I could be just like him and pass with no trouble…but I was struggling.” He said and then smiled. “Except…one day…I accidentally left one of my failed experiments at my lunch table, when I went to get it back I saw a girl messing with it. Before I got to her she saw me and ran from the scene…and guess what I found?”
“What?” Ace asked now liking the story. Tech stared at the folded paper.
“It was the correct formula, and she looked at my write up and left little comments. ‘This part is wrong, you needed to add this with this’…or ‘You’re supposed to make sure this was tightened’. Anyways, so on purpose I left almost every experiment at the table and would ‘suddenly remember’ and go back to find more notes left for me, I started to get better in my classes so one day…I left one of my experiments and I hid behind a wall, and write when she was about to start to read my write up I went up to her to meet her…and it was Jessie.” He said. Ace looked at him and could almost see what had happened years ago. He could see Tech hiding behind a wall and then when he saw Jessie take a seat after looking around he walked up to her and placed his hands on his hips and stared at her as she slowly picked her head up to see her secret pupil.
“So, you guys became friends after that huh?” Ace asked him and his smile faded when he saw Tech’s sad expression.
“Yeah…I really wanted to become more then friends, but I was too scared to tell her…and the day of the blast…after everyone woke up, I was horrified when she went missing and no one found her…I still think she’s out there, looking at me at the Institute, hoping that I still go there but I’m not.” He said and stopped when he felt something grab his shoulder. He turned and saw Ace smiling as he patted his shoulder.
“It’s alright, you’ll find her again, and this time you guys can be more then just friends if you want to.” He said with a little laugh and he went toward the door. “Come on, we could get a mission at any moment.” He said. Tech stared at the city and then smiled and followed his captain.

I sighed as I was looking at the city of Acmetropolis; I took a deep breath of its moist air. Not only it was fall, my favorite season but it just rained. So the air was still damp and cold but it was refreshing to have in your lungs. I smiled satisfied and fixed my cloak so that it covered my eyes and face. It’s been two years since the weird blast had put me to sleep, and I was just warming up. I looked down at the street below and I smiled as I took a leap. As I was falling I concentrated and found myself flying in the air. I looked around and then started to cruise over the city looking to see what had changed and what stayed the same. I then gasped as out of nowhere there were screams and shouts. I looked and saw below a group of brave heroes there fighting some robots that were trying to rob a bank.

Oh yeah, things definitely changed.

So I watched as the others were fighting the robot and so far…they weren’t having any success. And I knew somehow that it was a shock to the people because some of them were running with helpless looks on their faces. I thought and then murmured under my breath as I jumped down. Right when I was about to land I flipped my feet and in one instant I landed right on top of the robot’s ‘head’. I can see through the reflection from the robot that my eyes had turned solid white and I took my right arm and jammed it into the robot and when I pulled my arm out I had wires in my hand and in the instant I broke the cords and I jumped and landed gracefully in front of the robot as it exploded behind me. I took a deep breath and looked back dramatically, smiling as I saw that my work was now done.
“Perfect.” I said moving hair away from my face and remembered that I wasn’t alone. I looked behind me and gasped seeing that it was the Loonatics, the new superheroes that were made during the explosion that knocked me out. “Um…”
“Who…who are you?” the leader I think, a yellow furred rabbit asked me. I blinked at him and I could feel glances look at me. I said nothing and turned back around.
“Just…someone who was asleep for a very long time.” I said and then started walking, my gaze at the ground of effect. As I was walking I stopped as something grabbed onto my shoulder making me stop suddenly.
“Wait a minute…who are you really?” a very deep and familiar voice asked me. I hesitated before I turned around and was staring at the eyes of someone I haven’t seen in two whole years. We both said nothing, he couldn’t see my face I bet but I could clearly see his. Even though his fur changed from brown to green because of the explosion it was the same very person I went to school with.
“Tech?” he gasped as I asked his name and we both stayed quiet for a bit longer. I then turned and ran and I flew on top of the building and I looked back at him one last time before our departure. “Auf weidersehen…mein liebe und freunde.” I said and then I jumped over through the other side and hurried my abandoned apartment, my home…And it started to rain.

When the Loonatics were able to clean the place up and head home they were all silent and thinking about the mysterious girl that had helped them and disappeared suddenly.
“That girl looked familiar.” Ace said as he wringed out his ears. Lexi thought and shook her head.
“Not to me she didn’t…but there was something weird about her…no ‘human’ can pull out a robot’s wires like that…especially if we couldn’t get a hit.” She said thinking and looked over at Tech who was still thinking about what happened. Duck thought and made a sour face.
“Did anyone have a clue what she just said? It sounded like gibberish to me.”
“‘Auf weidersehen…mein liebe und freunde.’ ‘Goodbye…my love and friends.’” Tech said almost in a whisper.
“And what makes you so sure Sherlock?”
“It’s German; at the Acme Institute it was required.”
“That’s-right-it-was-required-so-we-had-to-take-it-no-matter-what-class-we-took.” Rev said as he flapped himself off to get dry. Tech said nothing and then looked up, getting an idea spark.
“I think…that was Jessie.”
“Are you sure?” Ace asked and shrugged. “Don’t get me wrong I thought that too…but…you know there are chances.”
“I know.” Tech said as he thought a bit more, he rubbed his temple and sighed. “It’s strange…that she was able to get close enough to destroy the alien…” he said and then turned around. Lexi gasped and looked at him.
“Where are you going Tech?”
“To my lab, I have research to do.” He said and then disappeared behind the metal doors. Everyone looked at Rev and Ace and Rev shrugged and waved his hands.
“Hey-don’t-look-at-me-I-have-no-idea-what-he’s-thinking.” He said. Ace thought and then shrugged.
“Alright, let’s get ourselves dried while he searches information about our mysterious guest.” Ace said and they all continued to do daily tasks they always did after a mission.

Ch. 1 :: END ::
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