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Rated: 13+ · Fiction · Action/Adventure · #1616774
A story based off of Loonatics Unleashed series by Warner bros. FC&Tec
Chapter 2 :: A new heroine, a new enemy? ::

It wasn’t long before the Loonatics had another mission to encounter, this time it was at the abandoned docks. So there they were in front and read for anything.
“So what do we have here?” Ace asked as he pulled out his energy sword. Tech made last arrangements on a small computer and closed it.
“Someone complained about noises and commotions coming from here. So they want us to investigate.” He said. Lexi nodded and looked around and then closed her eyes. In her head she was able to scan the perimeter and then gasped catching something.
“Whoa! We got loads of company beyond those walls guys…man there’s a ton of them!”
“I-think-we-should-all-split-up-and-then-bam! We-get-them-head-on!” Rev said quickly as he punched his palm. Ace thought for a moment and then smiled.
“Yeah…not a bad plan Rev…alright, so Lexi and I will head to the southern gate, Rev, you and Tech go to the north. And Duck, you’ll go to the east. Besides the west gate is closed off.”
“How come you get to go with Lexi?!”
“How come you’re jealous?” Ace asked and then rolled his eyes.
“Just do this Duck. Let’s go!” he yelled and the whole team sprung into action. They all attacked the robots that came at them, it wasn’t easy, but it wasn’t hard either. It was actually very strange; they were actually doing very fine for a battle.
“Jeez how many of these guys are there?!” Ace yelled as he swung his energy sword into yet another robot, cutting it in half. Tech was also fighting pretty well but he was secretly scanning them at the same time.
“It seems…that the robots are increasing somehow, but on top of that…its never ending?” he asked and then gasped as a robot came out of nowhere and punched him, making him hit against the wall. “Augh!” As the robot was about to hit him again he closed his eyes getting ready to feel pain but nothing came.
“H-Hey!” a voice yelled unexpectedly. Tech’s eyes snapped open and gasped as the girl he met earlier that day stood in front of him, her eyes were pale white and she held up a shield to get the robots to stay away. “G-Get up!”
“W-What are you doing here?!”
“I’m here on a stroll in the park, what does it look like?! I’m here to help you idiot!” she yelled back and then gasped as the shield started to fade. Tech got off the wall and when a robot was about to hit her from the side he jumped and pulled her way from safety. They both fell to the floor and Rev was able to grab both of them and pull them out to safety. Tech looked at the mysterious girl and she rubbed her head as a trickle of blood rushed down her face.
“Hey-you-guys-alright?” Rev asked. Tech looked back at the girl and she shook her head and stood up shakily.
“C-Come on! We need to find the ‘main-source’!”
“Main source? What main source?” Tech asked her confused. She looked back at them and then as a robot came up from behind she spun around and punched her hand through the head and when she pulled a certain ship out, she held it toward Tech as he stared dumbfounded.
“Take a look, and quick.” She said and she and Rev continued to fend off the robots. Tech gasped as he saw a special pattern in the chip.
“Wait…this…it can’t be!”
“It is.” She said as she stopped and then as her eyes and hands glowed she mumbled a few words and about ten robots fell to ash. “It’s a photocopy chip, a chip that can multiply and keep multiplying unit its source fails.” She said. Tech looked up at her and then back and crushed the chip in his hand.
“So where’s the source at?”
“I have no idea…” the girl said and then looked at him smiling. “I was hoping that you’d help me find it.”
“W-What?! That’s impossible!” he said and then stopped when she leaned over and rested her two fingers on his lips. He said nothing and she looked at him smiling.
“Nothing is impossible…if it was, we’d have no cake.” She said smiling. Tech remembered the comical quote from when he and Jessie were in collage and he had to do an experiment again because he failed.
‘I know I can’t do this…it’s my second time!’
‘And the other scientists never failed before?’ she asked him as she gave him a stern look. Tech looked at her confused and she stopped and grabbed his hands and stared directly into his eyes.
‘Nothing is impossible…and if it was, we’d have no cake!’ she said smiling. Tech remembered looking at her confused.
‘Cakes was actually a ‘failed experiment’, and the creator, a guy born waaaay long ago in Egypt continued to make something ‘impossible’, he actually made a dish that the whole kingdom loved and also, the whole world.’
Tech’s flashback finished and he shook his head and then stood up, he had an idea where it was, and where the power was coming from. The girl and Rev followed close to make sure that nothing can disrupt the scientist at his work. Tech stopped as he went to a weird black box that was near the heart of the action. He pressed a button and a screen and a keyboard popped up and he gulped.
Could he really do this?
“Just try to think clearly!” the girl reminded him, the same quote from years ago. “Just take a deep breath…and try! If you fail once it’s ok. I’ve failed three times!” she said and then continued to hunt down the robots. Tech remembered Jessie telling him that, she tried to get out of that school three times and each time she’d freak out during the exam and fail. He nodded and took a deep sigh and got to work. He typed as carefully but quickly as he could, making sure he got the formulas right and calculating in his head. He was always good at mind problems, addition, multiplication, subtracting, division, and even mind puzzles. He was good at them all, and now, he was even better. He smiled as the screen flashed green.
“I got it!” he gasped. Just as he pressed the last button everything seemed to freeze. Even the Loonatics because the robots froze and they all waited for them to blow up or even fall. But they didn’t…until that is, when their eyes red glow had faded, they all dropped to the ground like measly dominos. Ace looked back and smiled seeing that they had found the course.
“Great job Tech!!” he called. Tech smiled and looked back at the girl who was looking around mysteriously.
“It’s not over.” She said. Tech was confused and gasped as the ground shook. Everyone tried to gain their balance and out of the sky shot up a small ship. The ship then took aim straight at Tech, the girl gasped and right when it shot she pushed him out of the way and a huge beam of light shot right at her pushing her about 15 yards away to where there was a wall. Tech stared at where there was smoke, not believing that the girl had helped him not once but twice, saving his life just about now.
“Aw damn, it’s that annoying girl again…man doesn’t she know when to quit?!” a voice yelled from above. Everyone except Tech bothered to look up and saw a crazy scientist dude with short white hair and one teal eye and one black. He looked around at all the smashed robots. “And how did she know how to get through my beloved bots? She deserves to be dead. Serves her right!” he said with a humph. Ace pointed at him.
“And who do you think you are, Doc?!”
“Oh, how rude of me, my name is Vincent, I’m here to ruin everyone’s life except for mine, as usual.” He said with a wave of his hand and looked at where there was a motionless body at. “And that girl’s been bugging me, ever since before I got my awesome power. Glad to see she’s already dead. Took her a while.” He said. Rev who wasn’t far from Tech gulped as he could see Tech starting to lose it.

Oh boy.

Tech got up and with his jet pack flew up and started took out a ray gun and started to fire at the scientist’s ship which dodged his blast without any efforts.
“Yo, Tech! Cool it!!” Ace yelled back at his friend. Tech couldn’t hear him because of the rage that filled him though. The scientist just laughed evilly.
“So you’re the ‘smart guy’ I’ve heard about?! Tech E. Coyote? That’s funny that girl talked so much about you but you’re not as all mighty as she says you were!” he yelled. Tech frowned and continued to shoot all he got at the scientist. And then as if right on cue, a huge blast came out of nowhere getting the scientist’s ship on the wing, making it spin out of control. When it was settled, the scientist gasped seeing all the flashing lights that were going off inside his pod. “W-What the hell?!?!”
“Humph, that’s my special ‘system screw-er up-er-er.” A voice said. Tech looked back surprised to see the girl was just on the ground trying to stand as if nothing happened. “Or how my friend would like to put it…‘a technical difficulty chip that forces the systems to go capote because of all of the electrical currents going out of whack’.” She said smiling at Tech. The scientist frowned and then tried to fly off wobbly.
“This isn’t the end Loonatics!! I’ll come back and force you all out!!!” he yelled and his ship was wobbling off. They were ok for now, but what Tech was trying to understand was why did this girl who seemed so familiar trying to help him out then and not before? And from what she would tell him, was she really his friend from long ago? Tech gasped and ran catching the girl before she collapsed, he looked at her and saw that her face was pale...but she was alive and still breathing, thank goodness…right?

Ch. 2 :: END ::
© Copyright 2009 Vcld-J4M (vcld-j4m at Writing.Com). All rights reserved.
Writing.Com, its affiliates and syndicates have been granted non-exclusive rights to display this work.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/1616774