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by Puffy
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Alone in the Dearly barn,Cadpig decides to have a little fun to entertain herself.
Cadpig sat down on a hay bale in the barn, next to her sat a huge bag of assorted candy and other sweets she had managed to smuggle out of the kitchen.
“It’s a good thing Rolly or any of the other heavy pups didn’t find this” she said to herself. “Now I can get my fair of goodies, and something extra for all the times I never got any.”

Opening the bag, she took out a few gummie worms and stuffed ‘em into her mouth. “Hmmmm, delicious.” She said as she dug in the bag for some more. taking out a few chocolate gobstoppers as well. Soon she’d eaten all the gummy worms and gobstoppers in the bag, but there was still plenty of candy in it.
“I’ll guess I can eat the taffy and peppermints next,” Cadpig said as she pulled out some packs of taffy. After chewing on that for several minutes she got out some pieces of fudge peanut butter cups and ate them as well. As she stuffed her face with her little supply of goodies, her small little tummy slowly grew larger and larger. After several hours of snacking, her belly had grown to ten times its normal size. “Ahhh, now this is heaven” she said rubbing her bulging tummy. “but I’m still hungry, it’s a good thing there’s still plenty of candy in this bag” Reaching for the bag again, she got out some lifesavers and a few pieces of bubblegum and started eating again. After chewing her gum for a few minutes she blew a big bubble but popped it.
“Let’s see if I can blow one bigger than…say me!!” she said to herself with giggle. She popped a few extra pieces of gum into her mouth and chewed ‘em. After chewing the gum for a minute or two she started slowly blowing another bubble, soon it was as big as her head. “Meh not bad, but bigger is better after all.” she said. Taking a quick breath, Cadpig blew her bubble larger and larger till it soon loomed over her. The bubble was now five times bigger than her candy-stuffed tummy. “Hehe, let’s see Rolly and Creampuff blow one this big” she said proudly to herself as she continued blowing her enormous bubble bigger and bigger till it eventually popped into a pink gooey  sticky mess.
“Ick, what a mess” she muttered as she cleaned the gum off her fur with a rag. “But it was still a blast,…and I still have enough candy to last me the whole day” With that Cadpig once again reached into her bag of goodies, this time pulling out several dozen big rolls of fruity loops and started eating them. After exhausting that, she got out some jawbreakers and cameral candies and ate them as well. Pretty soon she had eaten almost the entire bag of candy, leaving only a few stray pieces of gum and a pack of choco-covered jelly beans.
“Meh, I’m so full I could go a whole decade without eating another bite” she said patting her huge belly. “What else can I do while I have this barn to myself” Suddenly an idea popped into her head, and the thought made her giggle loudly. “I wonder where Meer and Malo keep their balloon stash” Cadpig thought to herself. “If I find it I could really have some fun hehehe!”
With that she slowly got up and climbed down off  the hay bale and started searching around for the reported stash of balloons the two dal pups had hidden somewhere in the barn for their private pleasure. “It must be under one of these piles of hay” she pondered as she sniffed one of the piles of hay for clues. After searching around several hay piles and coming up empty, she plopped down next to the television set and rubbed her still bulging belly. “They sure hide their little ‘treasure’ well,” she muttered to herself. “I’ve looked everywhere and haven’t found any trace of…” something by the TV caught her eye. “That floorboard looks kind of loose” she waddled over and lifted it up a bit. “Well look what we have here,” she said gleefully as she reached under the loose floorboard. She pulled out a large duffle bag and set it beside her.
“So this their secret bag of goodies and whatnot,” she said opening the bag. Inside were enough balloons and inflatables for a hundred parties and a parade or two. Cadpig dug through the bag looking for something she’d like and soon found a balloon shaped like an anthro blue fox. “Hey hey it’s Krystal, awesome!!!” she said excitedly. The balloon was fashioned after the blue vixen from the StarFox Nintendo games. It was almost as big as Cadpig and had a dark yellow/gold bikini and purplish-blue hair along with three inflation nozzles, one in its belly, another on the tip of its tail and an extra one under its bottom.
“Hehehe I’ll use the butt nozzle I guess,” she said with a giggle.

Using some stray clomps of hay; Cadpig made her a soft spot to relax on, than sat down on the hay pile with her toy. “Ok, now let’s see how big you can get Ms. Krystal” she said with a wide grin. Taking the nozzle in her paws, Cadpig took a deep breath and blew into the balloon, fluttering it into form. She blew a few more times till it took on its full shape and began expanding till it was soon five times Cadpig’s size.
“Wow, it sure is big,” she said in amazement. She rubbed the balloon fox’s squishy rubber bottom. “Hehe you sure have a bouncy booty ms Krystal.” she jokingly complimented the toy on its looks. “But now let’s make you even more bouncy and lovable!” Cadpig took another deep breath and resumed inflating her toy. The balloon Krystal expanded bigger and bigger as she blew in breath after breath, soon it was about 14 feet in size and still growing larger. The balloon fox’s rear end rested fully in Cadpig’s lap, while it’s belly and breasts had also started to expand. Still Cadpig continued blowing up her balloon larger and larger, the feel of the growing rubber against her fur causing her to give off a soft murr of pleasure. She stretched the nozzle a few times than blew in harder, expanding the balloon past 20 feet and at least 15 times her size. The balloonie Krystal’s bottom was so big that Cadpig had to wiggle herself out from under it to keep from getting squished by her expanding toy. The balloon fox’s belly was so large that it appeared to have ingested five giant beach balls, while its enlarged breasts rested on top of the bloated belly. Cadpig took a brief moment to regain her breath and admire her now enormous toy.
“Wow wow I never expected you to get this big,” she said rubbing the balloon’s huge rubbery bottom and murring loudly. The Krystal balloon was now nearly 40 feet in size, not quiet as big as the barn but big enough that fitting it through the barn doors would be impossible now. A few stretch marks had appeared on its dark blue surface as it expanded, and the color had started to fade to a somewhat foggy transparent. Yet it showed no signs of giving out.
“Well Ms Krystal, let’s see how much bigger and bouncier you can grow,” Cadpig said gleefully as she took a huge breath and resumed blowing up her balloonie fox. The balloon’s belly, breasts, and bottom all expanded becoming rounder and fuller as she blew in more and more air. It no longer resembled a lean beautiful blue vixen, but a bloated overstuffed, over inflated fox with huge balloon breasts, a gigantic balloon tummy and an even bigger balloon rear. Still Cadpig continued blowing up her balloonie vixen, growing it past 50 and finally 60 feet as it started to press against the roof of the barn. Stretching the balloon’s nozzle again, she took another deep breath and blew in as hard and deep as she could. The balloon’s color had now completely faded to a transparent light blue/purple enabling Cadpig to see inside her ever expanding toy as she inflated it ever larger till it was now over 70 feet in size, not even the balloons in the Macy’s parade were this big. Adjusting herself on her seat of hay, Cadpig continued blowing up her ‘Ms Krystal‘, imagining for a moment how neat it would be if the real Krystal were this size.

“Alright, who the hell ate all the candy we had saved from the party?!” Lucky exclaimed in frustration looking at the trail of candy wrappers on the ground around the barn.
“Whoever it was, I wish they’d at least left some gum” Meer muttered with a sigh holding up a bubblegum wrapper.
“Say, what’s going on in the barn?” Patch asked aloud pointing towards one of the barn windows, which seemed darker than usual. “It’s like midnight in there, and it’s the middle of the day”
“Well there’s only one way to find out” Lucky said and went to open the barn doors and go inside.
FWOOMP!!!! He ran head long into a blue rubber wall…bouncing back into the other pups. “What in the world?!” he exclaimed in shock and surprise “What is that thing?!?”
“My Krystal balloon!!” Meer shouted. She ran over as fast as her big pregnant belly would let her and pressed her paws against the bloated rubber surface. “Some one’s inflated it way too much, it’ll never fit through the barn doors now.” she said with a sigh.
“And I think I found who’s been doing the huffing and puffing” Patch said. He was at the back of the barn, whose entrance wasn’t blocked off by a “blue rubber wall” The other pups went to the back to see what he’d found..

There jutting out through the back door was an enormous blue rubbery tail, as long as the chow tower was tall. Inside just past the stairs to the hay loft were two humongous blue globes, to which the tail was attached. The rest of the barn was filled with nearly  100 square feet of over inflated balloon vixen…and resting at the foot of  the bloated balloon fox, on a soft pile of hay, was a very tired, very fat Dalmatian puppy, studiedly blowing into the balloon’s bottom nozzle.
“Cadpig…what are you doing?!” Lucky asked surprised. Meer and Patch both stared at her in amazement and disbelief.
Cadpig stopped inflating the balloonie vixen and turned around to face her friends. “Eh, I was just playing around with this balloon I found.” she answered sheepishly. “Guess I should have inflated it outside huh”
Meer walked up and looked at the enormous balloon fox that filled the Dearly barn. “Well, at least we know how big this thing can get…” she glanced over at Cadpig. “And we know who’s been eating our candy too.” she added poking Cadpig’s belly, which was still swollen from her earlier gorge of candy. “You could of left me some bubblegum you know.” she added with a pout.
“Hey I can’t help it if Rolly eats all the goodies before anyone else gets any.” Cadpig retorted. “Besides the vet says you’re not supposed to have any sweets”
Meer looked like she was ready to slug the chubby runt, but Lucky stepped in between them. “Come on you guys; let’s get his mess cleaned up before…” But he was interrupted by a scream from the front of the barn.
“ARRRGGGGHHHH!!!! What happened to my barn???!!!!!” Rodger screamed when he saw the blue rubbery bulge sticking out of the barn door. “Anita!!!!!!”
The four pups all heaved a collective sigh. “Oh boy, we’re really gonna get it now” moaned Patch.
“Great…” Lucky muttered in dispare. “How are we going to get ourselves out of this mess?”
Cadpig gleefully held up the nozzle of the balloon. “I have an idea.” she said with a mischievous grin.

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