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How I thought surgeons REALLY picked out thier heart implant paitents.
"Do surgeons look at people's backgrounds? Or do they just 'know' them really well?"

When someone arrives to a hospital and say to the main surgeon or doctor "I want to sign up to get a new heart." or "I want to get my child/brother/sister/husband/wife a new heart." There are a few things that can happen but they all have the same outcome...or at least two of them do. If it's a small hospital/clinic then the doctor [who pretends to be oh so professional and/or respionsible] writes the name of another hospital and say "Make an appointment with them, we don't do that here." and they go to the new hospital and say the same thing.
If they're already there and say that then the doctor [new or not] looks at them and tries to figure out how long they have left here on this Earth or if they have enough money to give everyone in the surgery room a tip, even the observer who does nothing but....observe.
If it's a child,- 'Oh this child looks well enough to learn how to swollow pills and get used to having a eighteen year old's heart[guessed the donated hearts age]....Oh wait, it says here that her parents are normal city folks. They aren't rich...she can wait a few months.'
If it's a teen/adult- 'Hm...they seem to be cabable of getting a new heart...Oh wait....they seem to have a history of depression, now that I remember....and thier brother/father/mother/sister is a cop and I dont like cops....they dont seem to need it right away....'
If it's an elderly person- 'Oh they definanely dont need a new heart, they're not going to live in another 2 years so why do a surgery?....Well....they do have lots of money...and thay one five year old doesnt really need a heart....'

Or in my sick figment of imagenation, the doctor/surgeon looks at them and after blinking a few times laugh thier asses off because they know that thier insurance is low and that getting a heart transplant is almost impossible because it's so high in demand.
But my point here is....Who gets the first hearts? Who get thier name to the top of the list even though they cutted off innocent people who need it more? That's pretty easy when you think about it....and also it's pretty sick.
-Movie stars that were here since the old days [when things are in black in white]
-Movie stars that were in rehab or just plain famous for saying a lil 'ol line.
-Elderly that aren't even going to live for 2 years but buy thier way to the top so they can 'spend time with thier family' [some of these guys dont even have a family]
-The rich who don't do nothing but think of themselves and even complain about the people walkin on thier sidewalk.
-Criminals, yes, the people in jail, the surgeons take hearts from hospitals and give it to them!! Wth? Right?
It makes me sick, and I know some of you are questioning why I brought the elderly up when you think that they really need it. Well that's because....a heart wears out after a while just like everything from gym shoes to car hand-me-downs. If someone gets a heart that was from ten ppl twice removed then it wont make a difference to take surgery isn't there?
This really gets me disgusted and all....So right now I'm going to pretend that I'm that one surgeon laughing at the person's face. [Of course to an adult, I wont do it to a kid, I'd probably go down the hall and get that annoying telephone girl's heart w/out anyone noticing.]

[[My cousin had to wait a year to get her heart, the first heart that was supposed to be hers but was given to an 85 year old who died a year later from pill abuse. So this was the real purpose of writing this, I'm glad that she finally has her heart, she's turning 6 or 7 this year...I keep forgetting...so this was written to let some steam out, just FYI.]]
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