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How would music be perceived by the senses?
    What is the difference between music and color? I can name about five differences just off of the top of my head. What are the similarities between the two? Now it gets tricky. One is sound, and the other is a visual appearance. I can name one similarity if I really think about it. The psychology of color is what induces certain emotions by the visual effect and the objects in the world we associate it with. Blue, for example, induces a calm feeling in us that sometimes warms our heart. Basically, music is the auditory expression of the psychology of color.
    The genre of music is a very wide expression that is used to somewhat narrow down the infinite types of music. Genre, in my opinion, is too wide for me to pick which one I like. My favorite music is good music. I like some rock, but all too often there are a billion more songs that claim to be in the same genre. They are absolutely terrible.
    My favorite music is sometimes in musicals like The Phantom of the Opera, and is not rock at all. Music of the Night is my favorite song in that movie. It starts off very quiet, inducing a calm feeling like the color blue. The dynamics then change from soft to the what seems to precede the climax, but then goes soft again. The music suddenly rises up from the softness into the refrain.
    Color is somewhat like the visible expression of music. If you could touch this song, it would have a sort of resiliency like rubber, but would be so soft as if it were a liquid like water. Think of corn starch and water mixed together or quick-sand.. If you could smell this song, I don't know what you would smell. Smelling is just one of those things that people can't agree on. Does it smell bad or good? I would smell the outdoors, evidently at night. The cool air would be inhaled up my nostrils with that certain tea-like calming sensation. It's not an identifiable scent other than a sort of fresh, cool feeling within your nose.
    The taste of this song and others very similar to it varies at a very wide range. The Music of the Night would, in my opinion, taste like an extremely tasty, cool, artistic cake. It is soft but is at the same time very beautiful. The Point of No Return is a song very similar to the Music of the Night, but has a more devious and dark ambiance. It would most likely taste like the same exact cake only heated-up to create a new taste very similar to the original. The difference is that when I hear this song, I picture fire in my head.
    Both of these songs are amazing just like the rest of the songs in Phantom of the Opera. Both of them make you think about what they want to express, but also induce feelings of harmonious peace throughout the song. I just wish music was evolved far enough to convert these perceptions into a reality.
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