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Holiday rhyme about a child who wants to believe. Happy Holidays to you!!

Written by
Lisa Flanyak

Sitting in front of the fireplace with hot soup in a bowl,
a day full of sled riding has taken its toll.
The tree all decked out and I watch the train go round,
thoughts of what tomorrow would bring got my heart all wound.

Yet something my brother said had my brain in a twist:
“Ha! Ha! Ha!  Santa Claus doesn’t exist!”
I couldn't believe he was trying to stir up a fight,
on Christmas eve of all nights!

The workshop, the elves, and even the reindeer?
The baking, the gatherings, all of that holiday cheer?
It’s such a wonderful time, life couldn’t be merrier.
But the idea of no Santy just couldn’t be scarier!

Eyes become heavy and as I drift off to sleep,
I whisper to myself a secret I’ll keep,
"If ever I were to have a dream come true,
it would be to receive a visit tonight from you."

In the morning I woke to a shout from my pop:
“You won’t believe what I found up at the chimney top!”
In his shaky hands was a photo he took.
We all gathered around to get a good look.

By the look of the frown upon my brother's face,
I knew in that moment he had been put in his place.
There in the snow were hoofprints and sleigh tracks,
and the crumbs of the cookies I had left as a snack!
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