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by Raj
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This is a short introduction to the book on Dalit Philosophy. A very innovative adventure

                                          An Adventure into Dalit Philosophy

Dalit Communities all over India are in a resurgent mode despite the unrelenting oppression and exploitation by the Brahminic oligarchies of this country. The aspiration for an unbroken existence is unabated. The protest continues. Like all other oppressed communities of the world the Dalit community has propelled one person as their symbol of liberation. This person undoubtedly is Babasaheb Ambedkar. However, he is not the only one that the Dalit community has seen. There are myriads of Dalit Ancestors who have shown thousands of truths and ways. Their multi-dimensional guidance has preserved the unbroken existence of the Dalit people till today.

Because of the terrible oppression of the Dalit people by Brahminic forces that stretches beyond human memory it has come to be indirectly accepted, unfortunately though, that Dalit people have no history, no culture, no religion of their own. This subtle acceptance of the paradigmatic dominance of Brahminism has led to the modernization and renewal of its hegemonic order. Dalitology by M C Raj asserts that Dalit people have a history, a culture and a religion of their own. Cosmosity by Jyothi and Raj asserts that Dalit people have a spirituality of their own, which is unique. While these two volumes are positive assertions of the Dalit communities they also have become integral part of the dialectics with Brahminism and Capitalism, if they are ready for any dialectics.

Now comes another volume from M C Raj to strongly assert and invite the dominant forces of India and of the world to engage Dalitism at the philosophical level. The assertion is that Dalit people do have a School of Philosophy that needs to be recognized by all those who desire to establish a world in harmony with the cosmic order and would like to establish lasting peace for future generations of people. DALITHINK, which is the name of the latest book by M C Raj is a scientific exploration and exposition of Dalit Philosophy that has preserved the Dalit people over many millennia as a celebrating people. DALITHINK has a strong argumentation that governance in the hands of the Dalit people can bring prosperity for all people but not for some privileged groups alone.

         DALITHINK is a strong assertion that there is a Dalit School of Philosophy which existed much before what is today claimed as ‘Indian Philosophy’ came into existence.

         The latest in Indian Philosophy, namely, Advaitic Monism can be traced back to the Cosmism of Dalit School of Philosophy. Shamanic Cosmism still exists in different parts of the world.

         DALITHINK concludes that governance of the world must go into the hands of indigenous and Dalit women the world over in order to make distribution of material and spiritual values possible.

         Such a conclusion is proposed as a consequence of a scientific exploration of many Projects of Dalitization.

         DALITHINK does not have much space for cringing on what other people have done all along to us. It makes forays into the many areas of Dalit strength and proposes that it is time that the Dalit people proactively offer their strength to the world.

         Culture in general and Dalit Culture in particular are investigated philosophically in a way no one has done before… The philosophical foundations of Dalit inclusiveness and non-violence are laid bare.

         The inevitability of referring to the extreme violence that the hegemonic order is perpetrating on the Cosmos and cosmic beings comes out clear in DALITHINK. Is it Democracy or Demoncracy that the dominant order is in pursuit of…?

         Dalit Epistemology is a new area of assertion and argumentation. The assertion is that Dalit People have knowledge systems of their own. The argumentation is the need for congruence between the cognitive and emotive order in Epistemology.

         DALITHINK discovers “Ripple Impact” as the foundation of all knowledge. This is bound to shake the cognitive order of the dominant world. Nous, the mind is established as the foundation of the epistemology of the dominant order. Nous is explicated.

         The core essence of communicative interaction among cosmic beings is the cell system in organic bodies. The centrality of human existence is communicative interaction. DALITHINK discounts any sort of communicative interaction beyond the Cosmos. Indeed the Cosmos has no beyond. It is limitless.

         DALITHINK interrogates philosophically many other dimensions of life.  Desire, Love, Sex, Homosexuality, Addiction, Anger, Criminalization, Transcendence, Trance, Pain and suffering, Death, Pleasure, Cosmic Touch etc. are only some of the interrogative aspects of life.

No need to say that this book is unprecedented in the history of Dalit literature.

DALITHINK will be released soon as it is already in the press.

It is a Volume of about 300 pages from the Desk of M C Raj who also the author of Dalitology, Cosmosity and many other books.

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