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Rated: 13+ · Non-fiction · Dark · #1617413
A short description of my life and my turning to Wicca.
I still don't remember how it happened, but I really don't care. All that matters is that it did happen, and because of that, I am who I am now.

My whole life I've been alone. Not just that kid everyone makes fun of because he's different, but more than that. I was abused physically and emotionally by both my mother and father, though my father treated my mother just the same as he did me. And yet, she constantly sided with him. And despite all this, despite the fact that my parents constantly beat me and tore me down, that my father abused perscription drugs constantly, that it was obvious the scars, bruises, and burns I went to school and church with every day were caused by their treatment of me, they called themselves good Mormons! Yet it was obvious that they honestly couldn't care less.

I grew up never doubting the LDS religion, though my parents clearly weren't affected by it. Then, as the permanent emotional scars caused by my early childhood began to take effect and become visible during my teenage years, I realized that Mormonism couldn't be correct, at least not for me. I needed to find something new.

I had always been attracted to the power of magick, but never really believed I would have it. So I was truely surprised when I discoved Wicca. When I turned to Wicca, behind my parent's backs, I made some pretty shocking discoveries. First was that I was exteremely talented in magick. Second was that the Goddess seemed to show special attention to me and what was going on in my life. I finally had a friend in the Goddess and in magick.

The third discovery, however, changed my life forever. I discovered that humans could have other beings as their souls. Some had demons instead of human souls, some had angels, some had wolves. I found that my body housed, and still does house, a fallen angel, crushed and broken. That explained why my life affected me the way it did. One thing I could never figure out is why the Goddess still seemed to love me, even after my sould had, long ago, fallen from the Summerlands.

One day, I got my answer, and it changed my life forever. Despite the fact that I had indeed made some mistakes, the Goddess still loved me, regardless of how everyone on Earth felt. I truely had a friend, though I still had none on Earth.
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/1617413-The-Fallen-Angel