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by sarah
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i dont want to hurt you but why would you want to hurt me?
how do you learn to forgive if you cannot forget
Nobodys perfect
but how come some are so close
They all say the same thing
but who really listens
why have happiness when everything always ends in tears
why have love if nobody will love you
why have goals if you never reach them
why have sucsess when all you can do is fail.

If I able to forgive if I were able to forget would all my problems be washed away?
if i sung the same song the sweet little song of life i would be lieing
life is not sweet nor is it happy
not if your me
Nobody knows
Nobody cares
they all just listen
listen and wait
but for what to happen
happiness does not fall out of the sky
rain does
rain are the tears of the world although i cry so much so that there has never been a draught in my head

When Im alone i cry
When im dreaming im laughing
why cant dreams be reality
a forever lasting dream
that one should not have to wake up on.
If dreams were reality then there would beno sadness only joy and light
where as real life once you have fallen in to the black pit of sorrow you cannot get out no matterhow much you cry
no matter how much you dream
you will always wake up to saddness

its alright dont cry.

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