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by Jennyj
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I should have confined my big family to cats!

I blush to admit that I’ve been secretly watching a show called, “Eighteen and Counting.” It seems madness to have so many kids. I am appalled, yet fascinated.

Write a story in which your main character has a large number of kids. You can write anything you want as long as the abundance of such a large family complicates daily life in a way that we “norms” might not expect.


After my nine-month-long experience of living with and adjusting to my huge extended family of in-laws (nephews, nieces, their spouses, great-nephews, great nieces, sister-in-law, and cousin-in-law) knowing that one of my adult nephews, seven-feet tall, is threatening attack by cannibals over my cooking, and knowing that one of my adult nieces is racing kayaks all over the south with the kids she advises, I recognize with nostalgia that I miss my former, quiet only-child-life, where only one T.V. or radio was on at a time, and meals were eaten together around a table, with everyone eating the same food. . . I knew it was too good to be true, but never
dreamed that it would end!! In my former life, it was understood that our little cats would serve happily as our pampered, spoiled kids. They have actually adjusted to this unexpected turn of events in their lives better than I have; I'm happy to say that the six spunky members of my small cat herd have survived intact after nine months of not getting their way at all! The only one who actually thinks she IS getting her way is my 10-year-old calico, Pumpkin Pie. She presides in all her glory as a Kitchen Kat, being tempted daily with delicacies and mischief with her 15-year old cat cousin, Shadow, the other Kitchen Kat and only cat in the house who is NOT ours. The other five all live in our small bedroom and KNOW they don't get their way! I seem to be the least adjusted of all of us, reminding myself daily that I really should have stuck with cats!
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